Business Chapter 10 Multiple Choice

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The personal satisfaction people feel when they have done a job well is a(n)


Rewards that come from someone else in recognition of good work are _________ rewards.


was the father of scientific management.

Frederick Taylor

One of the elements essential to Frederick Taylor’s approach to improving worker productivity was:

rules of work

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth developed the principle of ___________, which said that every job could be broken down into a series of elementary motions.

motion economy

was the dominant strategy for improving worker productivity during the early 1900s.

Scientific management

A basic idea of ___________ was to conduct time-motion studies to find the best way to perform each task, then teach people to use these methods.

scientific management

Frank and Lillian Gilbreth thought that every job could be broken down into a series of elementary motions that they called:


Weldon Taskman has just successfully negotiated a new long-term sales agreement with a major client. The personal satisfaction Weldon has about his efforts is his _______ reward.


Maureen’s supervisor was so impressed by her work that he named her the employee of the month. This praise from her supervisor is an example of a(n) _________ reward


According to the principles of scientific management, the best way to improve productivity is to:

use time-motion studies to find the best method of doing each job, then teach those methods to employees.

At Qliktech, the company CEO, Lars Bjork, honors employees who demonstrate the company’s core values. Qliktech holds a summit each year, where it selects and awards one employee in each of several values categories that include (1) challenge; (2) move fast; (3) be open and straightforward; (4) teamwork for results; and (5) take responsibility. Rather than posting core values someplace everyone passes by each day, the CEO finds that providing _________ rewards once each year provides the message to all employees that these are important values.
A. equality


New employees at Throneberry Manufacturing are carefully trained to use the most efficient production methods. They are then placed on an assembly line and expected to perform the same task day after day, using the methods they were taught. The work is boring, but the pay is good. Throneberry’s approach is consistent with the principles of:

scientific management.

Wally Tormach is a professional house painter. During busy periods, he often hires college students as helpers on his jobs. Wally tells his helpers that he has determined the most efficient way to paint a house and he expects them to follow his instructions exactly. Wally’s approach is consistent with the ideas of:

Frederick Taylor.

Which of the following statements is the best description of how scientific management viewed employees?

Employees are like machines that must be programmed to perform in a certain way.

The Hawthorne studies concluded that worker motivation:

improved when employees felt like their ideas were respected.

The Hawthorne studies were conducted by ____________ and his colleagues from Harvard University.

Elton Mayo

The original goal of the Hawthorne studies was to determine:

the level of illumination that was associated with optimum productivity.

The tendency for people to behave differently when they know they are being studied is known as the:

Hawthorne effect.

The Hawthorne studies found that employees in the experimental group:

were more productive than other employees regardless of the level of lighting.

The findings of the Hawthorne studies led researchers to look more closely at how ____________ could lead to better productivity.

the human side of motivation

The most important impact of the Hawthorne studies was that it:

changed the direction of research away from Taylor’s scientific management toward the study of human-based management.

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