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In the 1980s, Bush proposed legislation to save the banking industry at a cost of

billions of dollars.

Which of the following was one of Clinton’s goals to improve the economy?

running the country more like a business

Which statement describes how the United States reacted to Rwanda’s genocide of the Tutsi people?

The United States failed to get involved in Rwanda when Tutsi people were being killed.

How did President Clinton react when military leaders in Haiti overthrew Aristide?

He threatened to invade Haiti if Aristide wasn’t returned to power.

As a result of the Gulf War,

Bush’s popularity soared.

President George H. W. Bush realized that in order to pay the government’s debt, he had to

increase taxes.

Because of President Clinton’s stand on Aristide’s oust from power in Haiti,

Haitian military powers agreed to step aside.

Which of the following best describes the US economy in 1998 during President Clinton’s term?

The federal budget was balanced.

In 1998, two years after signing the Dayton Accords, Serbia

resumed fighting.

Why did Clinton agree to the revisions of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade?

to reduce international tariffs on industrial goods by forty percent

Why did US and coalition troops try to stop Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait?

The world depended on Kuwait for oil.

President Bush’s approval rating fell at the end of his presidency in part because he

broke his promise not to raise new taxes.

One of President Clinton’s goals to improve the economy was

to share the responsibility for government debt reduction.

Because of President Clinton’s economic plan, in 1999,

the federal budget had a surplus.

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