BUS 135 Ch 9

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A production process characterized by a short production run and frequent adjustments to machines so that different products can be produced is known as a(n):

intermittent process.

A production process characterized by long production runs to turn out finished goods over time is known as a(n):

continuous process.

A bar graph that shows what projects or tasks are in process and how much of each is completed is called a(n):

Gantt chart.

In manufacturing, one way to compete with cheap labor is to:

use robots.

__________ is the specialized area of management that converts or transforms resources into goods and services.

Operations management.

A(n) __________ _________ puts together components to make a product.

assembly process

__________ is the physical arrangement of resources in the production process.

Facility layout

The goal of lean manufacturing is to:

produce goods and services with less of everything that goes into the process.

__________ involves computers directly in the production process.


MRP is a technique that helps managers:

make sure that the right parts and materials are available at the right time.

Firms often use a(n) _____________ when working on a major project involving the production of a large item such as an airplane, ship, or bridge.

fixed-position layout

One strategy U.S. manufacturers have employed in order to become more competitive is:

relying on advanced technology and the Internet to integrate all the partners and suppliers.

___________ utility is the value added by the creation of finished goods and services using raw materials, components, and other inputs.


SitRite Furniture Company uses labor and machinery to transform wood, plastic, metal and cloth into comfortable chairs, sofas, and love seats. This process creates:

form utility.

__________ is the creation of goods and services using land, labor, capital, entrepreneurship, and knowledge.


A big advantage of computer integrated manufacturing software is that it:

makes it possible to custom-design products to meet the needs of small markets with very little increase in cost.

____________ examines statistical samples of product components at each stage of the production process and plots the results on a graph in order to spot and correct any variances from desired quality levels.

Statistical process control

In a PERT network, the sequence of tasks that takes the longest to complete is called the:

critical path.

In today’s quality control programs, emphasis is placed on:

achieving customer satisfaction by providing defect-free products.

The six sigma approach to quality control:

detects potential problems early to prevent their occurrence.

The ___________ National Quality Award is given to firms that achieve an outstanding level of overall quality based on performance in seven key areas.

Malcolm Baldrige

In the past, the idea behind mass production was to:

make large quantities of products at lower cost and achieve economies of scale.

____________ uses computers to help design products.


In ___________ _________, materials are physically or chemically changed to produce a product.

process manufacturing

__________ is the process of selecting a geographic location for a company’s operations.

Facility location

___________ is a computer application that enables a firm to combine computerized functions of all divisions and subsidiaries of the firm into a single, integrated software program that uses a single database.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

___________ is a set of international standards for quality management and quality assurance.

ISO 9000

A firm that is certified as meeting both ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 standards has demonstrated:

world-class management of both quality and environmental standards.

With the __________ inventory control system, producers hold only the right amount of materials and parts that they need for a short period of time – sometimes just a few hours.

just-in-time (JIT)

The purpose of a PERT network is:

to monitor the progress of a multi-step project during its development to ensure on time completion.

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