BUS 135 Ch 10

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Maslow would classify the need for recognition from others and for self respect as _________ needs.


The degree to which a job has a substantial impact on the lives or work of others in the organization is referred to as:

task significance

The purpose of management by objectives is to:

help employees motivate themselves with a goal-setting model that involves, discussion, review, and evaluation by management and employees

According to Herzberg, the difference between motivators and hygiene factors is:

overall, motivators related to greater job satisfaction, while hygiene factors made the work place a satisfying place to thrive.

The Hawthorne studies concluded that worker motivation:

improved when employees felt like their ideas were respected.

The basic principle of equity theory is that employees try to:

maintain equity between inputs and outputs compared to people in similar positions.

The practice of moving employees from one job to another to make work more interesting is called:

job rotation

According to Victor Vroom, which of the following questions is an employee likely to ask before deciding to exert his or her maximum effort toward completing a task?

Is the reward for completing the task worth the effort involved?

According to __________ the amount of effort employees devote to a task depends on their expectations of the outcome.

expectancy theory

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the desire for love and acceptance would fall into the category of:

social needs.

Baby Boomers as managers need to understand that

Gen X and Gen Y employees will be motivated by flexibility in the workplace.

Management by objectives is most effective in organizations that:

are relatively stable.

As a group, Millennials tend to be:

adaptable, tolerant, and tech savvy.

Maureen’s supervisor was so impressed by her work that he named her the employee of the month. This praise from her supervisor is an example of a(n) _________ reward.


Herzberg found that factors that provided the highest level of motivation were mostly associated with:

job content

________ is a system of goal setting and implementation that involves a cycle of discussion, review, and evaluation of objectives among top and middle managers, supervisors, and employees.

Management by objectives

Reprimands, pay reductions, and suspensions are all examples of:

negative reinforcement

A key idea in reinforcement theory is that:

managers can use both rewards and punishment to influence employee behavior.

The concept that a hierarchy of human needs could be used to explain motivation was developed by:

Abraham Maslow

______________ was the dominant strategy for improving worker productivity during the early 1900s.

Scientific management

Weldon Taskman has just successfully negotiated a new long-term sales agreement with a major client. The personal satisfaction Weldon has about his efforts is his _______ reward.


Theory ____ assumes that the average person likes work, and has a relatively high degree of imagination and creativity.


Managers who advocate job enrichment focus on creating jobs with

Skill variety and autonomy

The major benefit of open communication in a company setting is:

motivated employees

The first step toward establishing open communication within an organization is to:

create an organizational culture that rewards listening

According to Herzberg, a sense of achievement, earned recognition, and interest in the work itself were all:

important motivators

The most important impact of the Hawthorne studies was that it:

changed the direction of research away from Taylor’s scientific management toward the study of human-based management.

One of the elements essential to Frederick Taylor’s approach to improving worker productivity was:

rules of work

A strength of Generation X managers is likely to be their:

ability to provide feedback to employees

Theory ___ managers see employees as having a general dislike for work and an unwillingness to accept responsibility.


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