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Memos should be organized directly by conveying the main idea first.


E-mail is appropriate for short, informal messages that request information and respond to inquiries.


Why do some employers forbid employees to use instant messaging (IM) and texting?

Some employers consider IM and texting distractions.

Which of the following is not a routine business message?

An all-staff memo that outlines the new procedures for processing returned merchandise

The biggest advantage of business blogs is that they

have the potential to reach a vast, far-flung audience.

Jackson is sending an e-mail message about an important upcoming meeting. Which of the following represents the most effective subject line?

Please Attend Staff Meeting August 15

What is the best advice when preparing a memo as an e-mail attachment?

Include the date, sender’s name, receiver’s name, and subject line on the memo.

Most e-mails should be organized using the indirect organizational strategy.


Tara is starting a new job that will allow her to use text messaging. What advice should she follow?

Identify herself when texting a new contact.

Which statement about the use of e-mail in today’s workplace is most accurate?

Most messages in today’s workplace are sent by e-mail.

End dates and specific actions in a routine request message should be placed in the


One important guideline when preparing instructions is to

divide the process into logical steps and present them in the correct order.

Social media messages have replaced e-mail messages within organizations and to external audiences.


Which of the following is the most effective opening sentence for a response message?

"Yes, we can put together a corporate travel package that will meet your needs and fit your budget."

Which of these statements regarding the use of e-mail for goodwill messages is most accurate?

E-mail should never be used for sending any type of goodwill message.

Which of the following is the most appropriate closing for an e-mail message or memo?

Please submit your report by August 1 so that the information can be presented at the seminar.

All of the following are reasons businesses use social networking except

to avoid legal challenges and issues.

A wiki

is a Web-based tool that uses collaborative software to allow multiple users to create, access, and modify documents.

Which of the following is not one of the most frequently used communication channels in businesses today?


Goodwill messages should be short, selfless, specific, spontaneous, and


The major attraction of instant messaging (IM) in business is real-time communication with colleagues anywhere in the world as long as a cell phone signal or a Wi-Fi connection is available.


Which of the following statements about online complaints or reviews is most accurate?

Individuals should give companies an opportunity to resolve the issue before writing an online complaint.

Which of the following is not a social networking site?


Which of the following statements about texting in the workplace is most accurate?

Text messaging is replacing e-mail for short internal communication.

Which of the following is not a goal when writing adjustment messages?

To verify the honesty of the customer’s claim

In the popular block letter format, which of the following guidelines apply?

Use ragged, unjustified right margins.

When you respond to customers online, you should do so in less than 24 hours.


Which of the following statements best describes use of social networks by businesses today?

Companies struggle with finding the right balance between permitting access to the Web and protecting security as well as ensuring productivity.

Most workplace messages should be organized


The body of a routine request message presents

details explaining the request.

Isabel is responding to a congratulatory note she received from a colleague. Which of the following is the best sentence to include in her response?

Thanks for your kind words regarding my promotion.

The only factor to consider when deciding if a business letter is the appropriate communication channel is if you are writing to a secondary audience.


In block letter style, headings are flush left, but paragraphs and some other elements are indented.


The closing of an adjustment message should

express confidence in future business relations.

Which statement about a sympathy message is most accurate?

All statements are accurate.

Which of the following openings is most appropriate for a claim message?

Please process a refund for $68 to reimburse us the amount we were overcharged for our banquet.

Which statement about the format of a business letter is most accurate?

All answer choices are accurate.

To correctly format a hard-copy interoffice memorandum, which of the following is not a guideline you should follow?

Justify the right margin.

Which of the following is the best opening for a note expressing thanks for a gift?

Thank you, Elena, for the e-reader commemorating my twenty years with Brown Sales; it will make a perfect travel companion.

You should use sensitive language in an adjustment message in case the customer is already upset. Therefore, which of the following provides the best advice?

Don’t use negative words (regret, error, failure); do use positive words (hope, achieve, strive).

Including a subject line in your e-mail message is optional because the message is usually short.

Including a subject line in your e-mail message is optional because the message is usually short.

Which of the following statements about claims is most accurate?

Businesses will probably take a claim letter more seriously than an e-mail message or a telephone call.

When service is involved in a claim, you should

avoid naming the service representatives involved or otherwise identifying responsible company employees.

The conclusion of a response message should

provide specifics if further action is required.

Which of the following sentences is not a parallel step in this set of instructions?

Placing age or gender preference in the candidate qualifications section creates legal jeopardy.

If you must provide large amounts of data or answer many questions in your response message, make your message more readable with graphic devices such as lists, tables, headings, boldface, or italics.


Most companies receiving a claim message tend to

respond promptly because they want to maintain customer goodwill and loyalty.

Memos are used to convey procedures, official instructions, and reports.


Which of the following is the most appropriate opening for an adjustment message granting a claim?

Thank you for your letter of November 16 describing your bad dining experience with us last weekend.

What is the best advice for writing goodwill messages?

Send a goodwill message promptly.

Although e-mail is successful for both internal and external communication, you should still use letters when

formality and sensitivity are essential.

In which of the following situations should you send a letter instead of an e-mail message?

You are asking leading members of the community to contribute to a fundraising event to improve local parks.

Which of the following sentences represents an appropriate end date in a claim message?

Because we have enjoyed your prompt service in the past, we hope to receive the correct projectors by January 12.

One goal of an adjustment message is to promote future business.


Blogs are most similar to

journal entries.

A subject line in a direct reply letter

generally refers in abbreviated form to previous correspondence and/or summarizes a message.

You can improve the effectiveness of a claim message by

explaining the problem with necessary details.

Which of the following statements about instant messaging in the workplace is most accurate?

When writing goodwill messages, you should always use the "you" perspective.


In responding positively, you will want to

start with an explanation of the reasons the request is granted.

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