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1. organs working together to perform a specific bodily function
2. to draw together
3. a structure that performs a specific function within a cell
4. the genetic "blueprint" that determines the cell’s purpose and function
5. the organelle within a cell that functions as its brain, regulating its production of protein
6. a group of cells that have the same purpose
7. the basic structural unit of the body
8. a group of tissues that works together to perform a specified bodily function
9. the fluid-like substance contained within the cell membrane

1- System 7- Cell 3- Organelle 5- Nucleus 6- Tissue 8- Organ 4- DNA 9- Cytoplasm 2- Contract

The basic structural unit of the body is the:


_____________ contains information that determines a cell’s purpose and function.


Which kind of tissue is designed to regulate temperature, secrete lubricants, and protect the body from harmful substances?


Which kind of tissue sends messages from the brain to the rest of the body?


Organs are comprised of tissues that work together to perform a specific bodily function.


Which part of the cell is the organelle that functions as its brain?

The Nucleus

Which tissues work together to form muscles?


Which tissues connect the parts of the body?


Groups of organs that work together to complete a process in the body are called:


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