Buffalo Wild Wings Wing Sizes and Shareables

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Snack Boneless


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Large Boneless


Snack Traditional


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What comes in the House Sampler?

Ultimate Nachos, Beer Battered Onion Rings, Mozzarella Sticks(4), Boneless Wings(whatever flavor you want)(4) accompanied with SW Ranch Marinara Sauce and your choice of BC or R

What comes in the All Star Sampler?

Fried Pickles, Spin Dip with Tortillas, Chili Cheese Fries, crispy or naked tenders(3) accompanied with SW Ranch, and your favorite dipping sauce

Whats in the Ultimate Nachos

Corn tortilla chips, chili, pico de gallo, shredded lettuce, jalapeños, queso and salsa (you can add chicken with an up charge)

Whats in the chili queso dip

queso and chili with pico de gallo with tortilla chips

What is in the corn dogs

Turkey hot dogs wrapped in corn meal served with Bourbon Honey Mustard (10)

What is in the roasted garlic mushrooms

infused with garlic and lightly breaded served with SW Ranch

whats in the fried pickles

fried cornmeal breaded dill pickles served with SW ranch

Whats in the chicken quesadilla

grilled flour tortilla with cajun seasoned grilled chicken, pico de gallo and a blend of cheeses (4 slices)

whats in the street tacos

3 snack sized flour tortillas with garlic tossed grilled chicken, pico de gallo, SW ranch and cilantro

whats in the crispy jumbo shrimp

lightly battered shrimp with cocktail sauce or your favorite sauce

whats in the cheddar cheese curds

lightly battered and fried served with SW Ranch

whats in the mozzarella sticks

fried and served with marinara sauce

whats in the beer battered onion rings

dunked in beer batter and then fried to a crisp served with sw ranch

whats in the spinach and artichoke dip

shavings of parmesan cheese on top with tortilla chips

whats in the chips and salsa

tortilla chips and house-blended salsa

whats in the big twist pretzel

big oven baked pretzel, salted with our queso cheese for dipping

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