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a database or a relational database is a collection of related tables


each record in a table is uniquely identified by a foreign key


a software program that lets the user create databases and then manipulate the data in the databases is called a database management system (DBMS)


a table is a predesigned database that includes professionally designed database objects


the only option available for creating tables in access is to use the datasheet view


the number of the currently selected record in a table and the total number of records in the table are displayed in the current record box which appears between the two sets of navigation buttons on a datasheet


a question asked about the data stored in a database is called a primary key


a query is used to enter, edit, and view records in a database


when creating a form in access, the layout view allows the user to make design changes to the form while it is displaying data


compacting a database rearranges the data and objects in a database to decrease its file size


Each row in an Access table datasheet displays which of the following?

a record

The specific content of a field is referred to as the ____.

field value

Which term identifies a field that appears in two separate tables and may be used to connect records in the separate tables?

common field

Data organized as a collection of tables creates this type of data system.

relational database management system

Which Access 2013 view contains commands used to manage Access files and options?

backstage view

How many characters may a field name in Access contain including numbers, letters, spaces, and special characters?


Another term used for the column selector feature is ____.

field selector

Which Access database object(s) might be used to enter, edit, and view records in a database?


In the accompanying figure, which number corresponds to the datasheet selector which selects all records in a table?


Which view is used to make design changes to a form while the form is displaying data?

layout view

This icon mc011-1.jpg represents which Access 2013 object?


This icon mc012-1.jpg represents which Access 2013 object?


This icon mc013-1.jpg represents which Access 2013 object?


What function does compacting an Access database perform other than reducing the file size?

repairing the database

In the accompanying figure, which field must be used to create a relationship between the Patient table and the Visit table?


Which of the following is the file extension used for Access 2013 database files?


When using a mouse while in an Access 2013 work session, access a shortcut menu for an object by performing this task.

right click

Which two keys on the keyboard allow an Access user to move the insertion point to the next field to the right in datasheet view when entering data?

tab, enter

Which of the following attributes of a table are saved only when the table object is saved?

characteristics of the fields

When copying and pasting records from one table to another, the records must first be copied to the ____.


Records in separate tables may be connected through a(n) ____________________ that appears in both tables.

common field

A field in a second table that is the primary key in the first table is used to form a relationship between the two tables; the field in the second table is called a(n) ____________________.

foreign key

All of the data in a relational database are contained in ____________________.


A table’s contents are shown in rows and columns when using the ____________________ view.

data sheet

The ____________________ option is available to compact and repair a database file automatically every time the database is closed.

compact and repair

The specific content of a field.

field view

A field, or collection of fields, whose values are used to uniquely identify each record in a table.

primary key

The Access 2013 view that allows the user to manage files and options.

backstage view

AutoNumber and Short Text are two examples of this Access feature which determines the values that may be entered in a field.

data type

A status box that displays the number of the current record and the total number of records in a table.

current record box

The Access Ribbon tab that allows the user to create database objects such as tables, forms, and reports.

create tab

A question that is asked about the data stored in a database.


An Access 2013 tool that allows the user to quickly add fields and records to display in query results.

simple query wizard

The Access 2013 view that shows the number of pages that will be printed.

print preview

The Access Ribbon tab that offers the option for the user to compact and repair a database.

file tab

The F6 key toggles the Access table workspace between the Table Design grid and the Field Properties pane.


All fields in a database should be contained in one table.


Data redundancy should be avoided because it wastes storage space and might cause inconsistencies within the database.


Access automatically assigns the Number data type to all new fields.


Access does not require a field description for every field included in a table.


Access does not allow data to be imported from sources other than another Access database.


The Data Type Gallery, which allows the entry of groups of fields using the Quick Start selection, is only available in Datasheet view.


Field names in a table may only be changed in Design view.


When text is used as the Default Value for a field property, it is recommended that the text be enclosed within quotation marks to avoid an "invalid syntax" error message.


In order to define table relationships, each table being joined must contain a common field.


What is the maximum character length of a field name?


In the accompanying figure, the highlighted record entries illustrate a database design with ____.

data redundancy

Which data type would be the best logical data type for a field named PaidDate?


Which data type allows both positive and negative numbers as field values?


The data type that allows both sequential and random numbering is the ____ data type.


The ____ data type only allows a field length of 1 character and is used to indicate the presence or absence of a condition.


What is the default setting for the Field Size property for a field with the Number data type?

long integer

Which symbols would be used to create a custom date format that would display July 4, 2016 as 7/04/16?


Which data type would be most logical to use for a field named BillPaid to indicate if an invoice has been paid?


A field in an Access database table that has no value is determined by Access to have a ____ value.


Changing the order of fields in a database table is an example of changing a table’s ____.


In the accompanying figure, once the selected field is moved it will appear above which field in Design view?


In the accompanying figure, what is the name of the table being edited?


In the accompanying figure, the primary key for the Vist table is the ____ field.


In the accompanying figure, which button on the ribbon should be used to add a table to the Relationship window?

show table

The common field between two tables in the Relationship window is indicated by a(n) ____.

join line

Which of the following would be a likely reason that an Import process from an Excel spreadsheet to an Access database might fail?

the Access field names and the Excel worksheet column headings do not match

In the accompanying figure, fields inserted into the table using the Address Quick Start fields will be inserted prior to the ____ field.


Which table in the Chatham database is illustrated in the accompanying figure?


It is important that data being imported from a text file into Access are separated by a character, such as a comma, which defines the text file as a(n) ____ text file.


A primary key that consists of two or more fields in a table.

composite key

A group of fields added all at once using the Data Type gallery.

quick start selection

The process that occurs when the field Description (Optional) property is changed in Design View and the Property Update Options tool is used to update the entire database everywhere the field is used, including forms and reports.


The Access database view that allows users to define or modify a table structure or field properties in a table.


A record in a table that is related to a prmiary table but has no matching record established with the primary table.

orphaned record

The Access option that permits a change in the value of the primary key in a table and changes the appropriate foreign key values in the related table.

cascade update related fields option

An Access feature available from the FIELDS tab that allows the user to add a group of related fields to a table at the same time.

data type gallery

A set of rules that Access uses to maintain consistency between related tables when data is updated in a database.

referential integrity

The Access option that deletes a record in the primary table and also deletes all records in related tables that have matching foreign key values.

cascade delete related records option

The term used when the same data is stored in more than one place which can cause inconsistencies in the database.

data redundancy

The ____________________ data type is not subject to round-off error when calculated, unlike the Number data type with decimal values.


____________________ view allows the database designer to enter both the field names and define the field properties.


The default Field Size for the Short Text data type is ____________________ characters.


____________________ values are never allowed by Access in the primary key field.


The "many" side of a one-to-many relationship is represented by the ____________________ at the end of the join line.

infinity symbol

The default query type for Access is the Crosstab query.


To toggle between navigation mode and editing mode press the F2 keyboard shortcut.


Hiding a field in Datasheet view removes the field from the current table.


When a question is asked of a database using a select query, the answer is returned as a datasheet.


It is more efficient to use the Query Wizard for common, informational queries than to design your own query.


Changes made to a field in a query datasheet updates the same field in the table on which the query is based.


It is not possible to create a query from more than one table.


Fields included in a query may be modified after the query is saved.


Logical operators must be used in order to combine two or more conditions in a query.


Results of a query are narrowed by using the Or logical operator.


The process of adding, modifying and deleting records in a database to keep the records current and accurate is referred to as ____ a database.


The ____ command removes the display of one or more fields in Datasheet view.

hide fields

Which view must be used to delete an entire record?


A query based on more than one table is a(n) ____query.


Queries based on more than one table, must have a ____ field.


In the accompanying figure, which field is the primary sort field?


In the accompanying figure, which field is the secondary sort field?


The condition "Seattle" for the field City in a student database is an example of what type of value?

text value

The criteria entered in the figure above are an example of which logical operator?


Based on the criterion for the BirthDate field in the image above, the query will return all patients with a birth date ____.

on or before 12/31/1956

The + symbol is an example of a(n) ____ operator.


A calculated field is formatted using the ____ for the field.


A calculated field created in a query generates results when ____.

when the query is run

Which aggregate function would be used to calculate the lowest field value for the selected records?


Which aggregate function supports the Yes/No field data type?


____ is the default entry for each field in the Total row of the query design grid.


The default group in the Navigation Pane is ____.

all access objects

Statistical information such as totals and averages is calculated using ____.

aggregate functions

____ categories may be created to group objects in a way best suited to manage any database in the Navigation Pane.


Which of the following criteria will show Ja’nice all orders placed on or after July 1, 2015?


The ___________________ command allows hidden fields to be redisplayed.

unhide fields

The _________________ prompts for information by asking a series of questions and creates the appropriate results based on the answers to the prompts.

query wizard

The default name for a new Access query is ____________________.


To locate a specific field value or part of a field value, a user may search a table datasheet, a query datasheet, or a form using the ____________________.

find command

The ascending sort order for the Date/Time data type sorts dates from ____________________.

oldest to most recent

Operators that allow two or more conditions to be combined such as And.

logical operators

A predefined set of formats including colors, fonts, and other effects that enhance an object’s appearance and usability.


The keyboard shortcut that moves the insertion point to the right of the last character in the field value when in editing mode.

ctrl + end

A criterion or rule that determines which records are selected when a query is run.


Functions that perform arithmetic operations on selected records in a database.

aggregate functions

The field used to determine the order of records in a datasheet.

sort field

The type of operator that compares the value in a field to the condition value and selects all records for which the condition is true.

comparison operator

A dialog box used to enter text, expressions, or other values.

zoom box

This type of datasheet displays temporary contents based on the criteria established in the design grid.


The keyboard shortcut that moves the insertion point left to the first field value in a record when in navigation mode.


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