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Eliminate tariffs on LA

Build a plant in LA and expand as needed

Striving for low labor costs

Labor costs per pairs produced to the industry low for employee compensation and pairs produced

Industry low, average, and high cost benchmarks

Are worth scrutiny because they tell what degree benchmarks cost for the benchmark cost categories and are competitive with rival companies

NOT a good indication your companies costs are too high

operating profits in all four regions are below industry high values

Most essential results

Market Snapshot-prices, SQ rating, models available etc etc

NOT for private label footwear

Proportion of marketing expenses where private label are sold

When branding footwear from brands of rivals DONOT

Achieve a lower reject rate per pairs of shoes than almost all other rivals

If co adds new plant capacity of 30 Mill then annual depreciation cost will rise by

5 % or 1,500,000

Benchmarking cost data

provide evidence to the degree of which various costs at plants are competitive to rival companies

Social responsibility and Corporate Leadership

Positive impact on image rating and social responsibility

Boost stock price?

Increase earnings per share each yr, raise companys dividend each yr, and repurchase shares of common stock

Improve SQ rating of branded shoes

Increase: Styling features, TQM/6 Sigma, Superior materials, best practices training, not increase number styles/models produced

In instituting sizes of companys margins over direct costs

how many sold in each pair of shoes that could be 1-allocated to paying administration expenses or interest costs 2-boost pretax profits

Under what circumstance should a company give serious consideration to provide private label to chain retailers

excess production capacity that would be idle

Lower production costs per pair

Increasing spending for enhanced styling and features

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