BSAD Chapter 7

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A basic difference between line managers and staff managers is that line managers have ___ which staff managers rarely have.

task force

A committee created to investigate a major problem or pending decision is called a(n)

employees have to report to more than one supervisor, which can cause confusion about who is in charge of certain situations

A disadvantage of the matrix structure is that

narrow span of control

A manager with few subordinates is said to have a

few new problems are expected to arise

A span of control may be wide when

knows the person who delegates remains accountable for the work

Ann delegated work to an employee who mismanaged public funds. Ann, rather than the employee, was reprimanded for this mismanagement. Ann is now reluctant to delegate because she

task force

Executives from several departments at Ford Motor Company were brought together recently to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring Jaguar. This type of committee is known as a(n)


Grouping jobs into manageable units according to some reasonable scheme is known as

flat organizational height and a wide span of control

In an organization with a ____, a manager is most likely to spend considerable time supervising and working with employees.

a combination of departmentalization bases

Most large organizations use

informal organization

Personal rather than formal relationships among employees are known as the


The ____ structure is considered the simplest and the oldest form of organizational structure.

delegation of authority

The degree of centralization of an organization is based on the

decentralize the organization

The more complex and uncertain a company’s environment, the more likely it is that the company will

the span of management

The number of workers who report directly to one manager is called


A highly centralized organization usually means that lower-level employees have the opportunity to make decisions regarding the best way to accomplish their assigned tasks.


An informal organization can be shown on a formal organization chart.


Corporate culture has little real influence on the performance of a firm.


Staff managers are part of the chain of command of an organization.


The inner rites, rituals, heroes, and values of a firm make up its corporate culture.

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