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Steering mechanism of the boat


The forward Portion of the hull; also known as the pointy end


When facing the bow the right side of the boat is the….


The upper edge of the sides of a boat —pronounced "gun"


The rear part of the boat is called….


The flat area along the Stern is called ….


When facing the bow, the left side of the boat is called…

Trailer ratings are based on what?

The total weight of the trailer and boat

Which of the following poses a great danger?

Leaking fuel lines

What should you do if caught in severe storm conditions?

Put life jackets on

What currents are a result of the movement of the sun and the moon?

Tidal currents

A boater would use a tide-table for what type of information?

Water dept

What should u do before starting an inboard gasoline engine?

Operate the blower for at least four minutes

What is an important step in the fueling process?

Electrical switches off

Which of the following actions is best to take my fueling an outboard boat with a portable tank?

Put take on the dock or land when filling

Minutes a blower should be on before staring the engine?

4 minutes

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