Boating Test Part 2

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Keep air flowing through the vessel

Which is the best precaution against carbon monoxide poisoning?


When separated from your boat in a swift river current, you should float on your back with your feet where?

Keep the buoy on your starboard side

When returning to port from seaward and you see a red buoy, how should you respond?

Anchor from the bow, rather than the stern

What should you do to aviod capsizing or swamping?

Stay with the boat

What should you do if your boat capsizes?

Falling overboard and drowning

What is the major cause of fatalities involving small boats?

Physical reactions become slower

What is the effect of the use of alcohol by boat operators or passengers?

If necessary to avoid immediate danger

When can a Navigation Rule be overlooked?

Before you leave the ramp area

When is the best time to clean your boat in order to stop the spread of aquatic nuisance species?

It may cause personal injury or damage

When operating a boat near other boats or when entering a congested area, why should you watch your wake?

It may never be dumped in inland waters

Where may untreated human waste be dumped overboard while on inland waters?

Slow down and/or turn to starboard

When a boat approaches from your right, what should you do?

All boats at all hours

Maintaining a proper lookout using human sight and hearing applies to boats under what circumstances?

White color with orange geometric shapes

Regulatory and informational markers are easily identified through which features?

Doing so would not endanger your own boat or passengers

The duty to render assistance to another boat or boater involved in an accident only applies in what situation?

From the bow

To follow the proper method for anchoring, where should you slowly lower the anchor?


A 14-foot boat operating under oars after dark must show what color light to prevent a collision?

Starboard side

A boat operating in a narrow channel is required to keep safely close to what side of the channel?

The state of visibility

According to the Navigation Rules, what factor should be considered in determining a safe speed?

To take early and substantial action to keep well clear

According to the Navigation Rules, what is the give-way vessel’s responsibility?

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