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Which of the following will most reduce the chances of fatalities while on or around the water?

Wearing a properly fitted life jacket at all times

Why is it important to always be wearing a personal flotation device (PFD) when in or around the water?

A PFD takes some time to fit properly, especially in an emergency

Which of the following is the proper washing procedure for your Personal Flotation Device (PFD)?

Mild soap and water

How many fire extinguishers must be carried onboard motorized boats, with installed fuel tanks, that are between 26 and 40 feet in length?

Either two B I or a single B II

Where would the GREEN navigation light be located on the following powerboat?

Starboard (right) side

Which of the following marine distress signals would be most effective when operating after dark or during restricted visibility?


Which of the following terms is used to describe severe weather conditions?

Small craft advisory

Which of the following is a characteristic of low head dams?

They pose a hazard below and above the dam

How often should you change the oil in your boat’s engine?

At least once every boating season

How do you keep the weight evenly distributed on a trailered boat?

Tie down any loose items or equipment in the boat

Which of the following is an important safety precaution when fueling your vessel?

Do not smoke or have any open flames around the fueling area

Which of the following actions should you perform as part of a pre-departure checklist?

Inform all passengers of fire extinguisher locations

How can operators avoid damaging Submersed Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) beds that are usually found in shallow areas of water?

Reducing to ‘No Wake’ speed

A motorboat is easier to maneuver in which of the following conditions?

When travelling against the current

Which of the following is an example of showing courtesy towards other boaters and property owners on the water?

Discuss safe operation with anyone who operates your boat

In accordance with Homeland Security measures, recreational boaters should do which of the following?

Remain at least 100 yards from US Naval vessels

Which of the following is the responsibility of a boat operator?

Ensuring the vessel is in good working order

Because of the fatiguing effects of the sun, wind and motion of the boat, having one drink on the water is like having how many on shore?


Consuming alcohol or drugs before operating a boat increases the chances of which of the following?

A boating accident

Drugs and alcohol have which of the following effects on boat operators?

Diminished coordination

Which of the following is a rule of operator responsibility?

Always stay alert

In areas of heavy boat traffic, how can the operator reduce the chances of a collision?

Assign a responsible passenger to act as a second lookout

Which of the following is a legal requirement for boat operation?

Operators must use every available means to determine the risk of a collision

If approaching an area of high traffic density, what should a boat operator do?

Slow down

Which of the following is the most important factor when determining a safe speed?

Wind, water conditions and currents

When two vessels are in a crossing situation on the water, the vessel that must take early and substantial action to avoid a collision (Vessel A) is called which of the following?

Give-way vessel

Which of the following conditions would be best defined as "reduced visibility"?

Fog, rain or mist

Which of the following actions is required of Boat A while overtaking Boat B in darkness or reduced visibility?

Go around on either side

Which of the following is an information marker?

Square Marker

What does the following orange diamond non-lateral marker indicate?

Hazard – marks isolated hazards such as shoals and rocks

When docking your boat, you will have more control if the wind is coming from which direction?

In your face

When choosing an area to anchor your vessel what factors should you keep in mind?

Allow a 360-degree area of movement around your vessel

Which of the following actions can quickly lead to carbon monoxide poisoning?

Teak surfing behind any motorized vessel

In which of the following situations is it important to be aware of the propeller?

When swimming near a vessel

What should you do if you see a distress signal but cannot offer assistance without putting your vessel at risk?

Notify the nearest authorities who can assist

Which of the following is the major cause of fatalities involving small vessels?

Drowning from falls overboard

Of the following safe boating options, which is the best possible method to prevent drowning from a fall overboard or a capsizing?

Wearing a lifejacket at all times

Which of the following is an action that can help prevent a capsizing?

Take corners at a safe speed and angle

In cold water immersion, boaters who are not wearing a life jacket often drown as a result of which of the following?

Swimming failure

There are three things that a fire needs in order to start: (1) heat (like a match or spark); (2) oxygen; and (3) which of the following?


Which of the following events will most likely occur if an operator encounters marker buoys indicating shallow water and thinks that they spot a sandbar up ahead?

The vessel could run aground

What is the purpose of having a safety lanyard onboard a personal watercraft (PWC)?

To stop the engine if the operator falls overboard

Since most personal watercraft (PWCs) do not have brakes, what must be done in order to avoid an obstacle?

Apply throttle and quickly steer

What Federal regulation must Personal Watercraft (PWC) operators adhere to just like all other powerboat operators?

Register the PWC with the state where it is operated

How should a ski boat operator approach a skier who has fallen?

On the operator’s side of the vessel

Which of the following precautions should be taken when operating near anglers or hunters?

Keep a lookout for boats near shore and keep a safe distance

According to a study of paddle sport accident statistics from 1995-2000, approximately half of all victims of canoeing and kayak related fatalities were doing what at the time?


What useful information can be found on a capacity plate?

The maximum number of persons you may safely carry on your boat

Which of the following is a disadvantage of Type III: Flotation Aid Personal Flotation Devices (PFD)?

They may not turn an unconscious person face-up

A Personal Flotation Device (PFD) that is easily located and retrieved without searching, delay or hindrance is said to be which of the following?

Readily accessible

In the State of Florida, all passengers onboard a personal watercraft (PWC) MUST do which of the following?

Wear an approved personal flotation device (PFD) designed for the activity

In the State of Florida, what is the minimum Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) level in order to be considered "under the influence"?


In the State of Florida, if not directly involved in diving activity when operating on rivers, inlets or navigation channels, vessels must travel at no wake speed when within how many feet of diver down flags?

100 feet

‘Teak surfing’ is strongly discouraged in the state of Florida, what is one of the main safety concerns involving this activity?

Carbon monoxide exposure

In the State of Florida, operators of personal watercraft (PWCs) equipped with an engine cutoff must do which of the following?

Attach the lanyard to their person

A boat operator less than 21 years of age is in violation of Florida law if their blood alcohol content is at or above what percentage?


A Law Enforcement Officer may require an operator to submit to which of the following?

Breath and field sobriety tests

In the State of Florida, which of the following is required to operate a vessel?

Carry your Certificate of Registration onboard

In the State of Florida, a boating accident must be reported if which of the following is present?

Property damages are greater than $2,000

Who is responsible for the safety of the boat and the people onboard (i.e., ensuring all the required equipment is onboard)?


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