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What is another name for the boat’s serial number?

Hull identification number

A planing hull has which of the following characteristics?

It is designed to ride on top of the water

When on board and facing the bow of a boat, where is the port side?

On your left

What does a marine pump out station do?

pumps out on board holding tanks.

What type of garbage can you throw overboard on inland waters?

Nothing can be thrown overboard.

In order to dispose of plastic trash while boating, what must you do?

Wait until you return and properly dispose ashore

When onboard and facing the front of a boat, where is the stern?

Behind you

Where onboard a boat are the gunwales located?

At the top of the sides

What hull type is best for use on ponds, small lakes and calm rivers?

Flat Bottom Hull

What are hull identification numbers useful for?

Locating your boat if it is stolen

What should you do when operating in conditions of reduced visibility?

Turn on navigation lights

According to the Navigation Rules, a rapidly ringing bell every minute signals what?

A boat at anchor in the fog

Which type of PFD is designed to turn MOST unconscious persons face up?

Type I

In the United States, what is the safety and distress calling frequency?

Channel 16

Which of the following is true of a carburetor backfire flame arrestor?

Prevents explosions on inboard gasoline engines

Which of the following items are required on a 12 foot inflatable dinghy?

A PFD for each person aboard

At a minimum, what should a non-powered canoe or kayak display in reduced visibility?

All around white light

When paddling a canoe at night, which piece of equipment should be carried to help avoid a collision?


If pyrotechnic visual distress signals are used, how many must be onboard?


When operating your vessel with a VHF radio, what channel must you monitor?


Which class of trailer hitch is best suited for a boat and its equipment weighing less than 2,000 pounds?

Class I

What should you do if caught in severe storm conditions?

Put on your life jacket if it’s not on already

Which of the following is a sign that the weather may change for the worse?

A sudden drop in the temperature

Gasoline and propane fumes are most likely to accumulate in what part of the boat?


What is the first thing you should do after retrieving a boat onto a trailer?

Pull the trailer well away from the boat ramp

Where should non-essential passengers stand during the fueling process?


What is the vertical movement of the surface of a body of water called?


What is an important step in the fueling process?

Ensuring electrical switches are off

How many minutes should a blower be operated before starting an engine


How much fuel is it illegal to spill overboard?

Any amount that causes a sheen

Which statement is true about red buoys under the Inland Rules?

They should be passed on your starboard side when going upstream

When is a sailboat the stand-on vessel in relations to a recreational power boat?

Only when under sail alone and is crossing the path of the powerboat

What does it mean if you are the stand on vessel in an overtaking situation?

You are about to be passed and should maintain course and speed

In the Navigation Rules, what is the duty of the stand-on boat?

Maintain course and speed

What information is most important when passing near a lighthouse?

Water depth

When a sailboat overtakes a powerboat, which vessel is the stand-on vessel?

Power boat

According to the Navigation Rules, what is the give-way vessel’s responsibility?

To take early and substantial action to keep well clear of the stand on vessel

In a crossing situation, which vessel is required to maintain its course and speed?

Stand-on boat

A mooring buoy is a white buoy with which color stripe?


Prior to departure, everyone on board should be made aware of what type of equipment?

Safety gear

What is the safest thing to do for someone suspected of having hypothermia?

Get immediate medical attention

What type of report must be filed if there is an accident while boating?

Boating Accident Report

What is the requirement for Coast Guard assistance when a vessel is aground?

When the grounded vessel or crew are in immediate danger

When someone falls overboard, what action should the skipper take?

Get flotation to the person and assign a spotter

Where should a person in the Heat Escape Lessening Posture (H.E.L.P.) place their hands?

Over their chest

Which of the following is a symptom of hypothermia?

Uncontrolled breathing

Which "class" of fires consists of flammable liquids including stove alcohol, gasoline and diesel?


What is the primary responsibility for a vessel operator assisting a boat in distress?

Keeping his/her vessel and him/herself out of danger

The danger of hypothermia is greatest for a person in which situation?

Immersed in cold water

When performing a self rescue, when should you swim to shore?

As the last resort

What does a red flag with a diagonal white stripe mean?

Snorkeling or diving activities nearby

When arriving at a navigation lock, what is the order of priority?

Military craft, commercial vessels, fishing vessels then pleasure craft

What do courteous PWC operators always do?

Control speed, noise and wake

The USCG requires which type of fire extinguisher to be on-board of a PWC?

Type B

What happens to the PWC when the throttle is released?

It loses its steering ability

Which is characteristic of low head dams?

They pose hazards both above and below dams

What hidden and potentially deadly danger exists when teak surfing or platform dragging?

Carbon monoxide can overcome participants

Which is the best precaution against carbon monoxide poisoning?

Keep air flowing through the vessel

Deadly amounts of carbon monoxide can be released from which of the following?

Inboard gas engine exhaust

Which of the following is a good way to prevent accidental carbon monoxide poisoning?

Keep the boat well ventilated

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