Boat test chapter 2

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What should you do when operating in conditions of reduced visibility?

Turn on navigation lights.

If you see a red, a green, and a white light on another boat, what does this tell you?

A boat is approaching you head-on.

Which of the following is a legal requirement for a PFD?

Must be in good, serviceable condition.

Which statement is true concerning visual distress signals?

Flares are rated for day, night or combined day/night use.

Why is the height of a VHF radio antenna important?

VHF radios work by the line of sight principle.

Which of the following is required to have a backfire flame arrestor?

A boat with a gasoline inboard engine.

Which of the following is required on federally-controlled waters for boats less than 39.4 feet?


How often should the inflator on a Type V PFD be checked?

Every time it is worn.

When operating a VHF marine radio, when should the term MAYDAY be used?

When in imminent danger

When operating your vessel with a VHF radio, what channel must you monitor?


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