Biology of Human Sexuality- Chapter 4

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Which of the following can cause erectile difficulties?

All of these.

Gynecomastia is

a swelling or enlargement of male breasts.

The point at which a man knows he can no longer stop himself from ejaculating is called

ejaculatory inevitability.

Oral stimulation of the anus is referred to colloquially as


Gynecomastia refers to an abnormal swelling of the scrotal sac.


Sperm account for up to 10% of the total volume of semen.


Which of the following events does NOT occur during the emission phase of ejaculation?

The cremaster muscles relax.

Men have regular fluctuations of hormone levels during a 24-hour period.


Which of the following is NOT a reason for erection of the penis?

hypersensitivity erectile dysfunction

Sperm contributes the X or Y chromosome to produce either a female or a male child.


If a man occasionally fails to maintain an erection when he wants to, he is

the same as most men.

The homologous organ to the prostate gland is the

Skene’s glands.

Since urine and semen both pass through the urethra,

the urinary duct is blocked when the penis is erect.

On average, the volume of semen which is ejaculated is about

one teaspoon.

Beneath the foreskin are glands which produce


Males have breasts.


What structure is located in front of the rectum?

prostate gland

Inside each testicle are approximately 1,000 tiny compressed tubes where sperm production takes place. These are called __________________.

seminiferous tubules

All of the following are male reproductive hormones EXCEPT


Which expression most accurately describes the male and female sexual response cycles?

They are roughly the same.

What part of a male’s penis is permanently removed in circumcision?

the prepuce

Which muscle causes the testes to be drawn closer to the body?


Which of the following is NOT true about testosterone?

There are unusually high levels of testosterone among lesbian women.

The two external structures of the male sexual anatomy are the

penis and the scrotum.

Which of the following is NOT responsible for pulling the penis closer to the body, hence decreasing its size?

REM sleep

In all men, the glans is protected by the

None of the above.

According to your text, what overall statement can be made about the sexual and reproductive health needs of men?

They have received little attention.

When a boy is circumcised, the

prepuce is removed.

Ejaculation and orgasm always occur simultaneously.


Ancient Egyptians believed that _______________ of their leaders were/was especially powerful.

blood from the penises

The skin of the _____________ is more heavily pigmented than skin elsewhere on the body.


Which hormone is made by BOTH sexes? In men it is produced in the testes and in women mostly by the adrenal glands and ovaries.


How long does it take for sperm to form in the seminiferous tubules?

64-72 days

In men, which hormone stimulates sperm production in the testes?


Men do not enjoy being on the receiving end of anal play.


The homologous organ to the labia majora is the


According to the author of your text, those who appear to really suffer the most from penis envy are


In men, which hormone triggers the pituitary gland during sperm production?


The two columns of erectile tissue which run along the front surface of the penis are called the

corpora cavernosa.

The phase after orgasm during which men are not capable of having an ejaculation is called

the refractory period.

A vasectomy does not affect a man’s ability to ejaculate.


A healthy male will produce __________ of sperm every day.

several hundred million

What is cut in male sterilization?

the vas deferens

At the point of ejaculatory inevitability, semen is briefly entrapped in the urethral bulb.


Which of the following is NOT an internal structure?


There is a direct relationship between the size of a man’s penis and his ability to have sexual intercourse or satisfy his partner.


Franz is diagnosed as having retrograde ejaculation. This means that

semen passes into his bladder rather than out of his urethra.

Smegma is produced by small glands beneath the foreskin.


The function of semen is to nourish sperm and provide them with a hospitable environment and means of transport.


Which of the following is NOT an aspect of the male orgasm?

the release of urine

About one tablespoon of semen is ejaculated at one time.


Men spend an average of ______ years being sexually active and unmarried.


Male and female reproductive structures

develop from the same embryonic tissue.

Testosterone is an androgen.


The scrotum is

the pouch that holds the testicles.

In men, which hormone increases sperm motility?


Retrograde ejaculation is ejaculation prior to emission.


All of the following are parts of the penis EXCEPT the


Testosterone can be made in all of the following organs EXCEPT________.

pituitary glands

Some men find that strengthening the muscles that surround the penis by doing Kegel exercises can produce a more intense orgasm.


The thick, clear fluid that often appears on the tip of the penis before ejaculation is produced by the

Cowper’s glands.

Advocates for circumcision suggest that permanent disfigurement caused by removal of the foreskin is necessary because males are incapable of good personal hygiene.


All of the following structures contribute to the fluids that make up semen EXCEPT the

Leydig cells.

When a penis is erect, it always means that the man is sexually excited.


When flaccid, the average length of a penis is __________ inches long.

about 3

How many stages are involved in ejaculation?


It is believed that the purpose of the secretions of the Cowper’s glands is to

buffer the acidic environment of the urethra.

The frenulum is

the triangular area on the underside of the penis.

The homologous organ to the glans penis is the

glans clitoris

The surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis is called


A steroid hormone synthesized from cholesterol that triggers the production of sperm is


In men, which hormone triggers secondary sex characteristics to develop and sperm production?


_____________ is the process by which semen is forcibly expelled from the penis.


The seminal vesicles secrete a fluid that makes up about ____ of seminal fluid.


Orgasm and ejaculation

do not always occur simultaneously.

The determining factor in the sex of a zygote comes from

the sperm.

Throughout the world, the erect penis is a symbol of

aggression and power.

The urethra transports both semen and urine through the penis.


In the United States, many male infants routinely have a portion of their penises permanently cut off shortly after birth.


Orgasm does not always occur with ejaculation.


Spermatogenesis takes place in the seminal vesicles.


The _______ suspend(s) the testicles in the scrotal sac and contain(s) the vas deferentia.

spermatic cords

The bulbourethral glands are also known as

Cowper’s glands.

An erection cannot be consciously willed because it is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system.


The part of the penis that may be most sensitive to stimulation is the


Studies have compared men and women and found that both have cycles that are subject to changes in mood and behavior patterns. In men, these can be attributed to

Researchers are not certain.

The generic and inclusive term for the male hormones is


Which of the following is part of the penis?

corpus spongiosum

The prostate gland secretes a fluid that makes up about _________ of seminal fluid.


The average unaroused penis is slightly less than three inches long.


_____________ is the process by which semen is forcibly expelled from the penis


A triangular area of sensitive skin that attaches to the glans of the foreskin is called the


David is swimming in a cold swimming pool. His scrotum is likely to be

wrinkled and shrunken in appearance.

The expression "blue balls" refers to

discomfort in the testicles from intense sexual arousal without ejaculation.

For uncircumcised men, an important aspect of sexual hygiene involves

washing beneath the foreskin.

One safe way to determine whether a man’s erectile difficulties are a result of physical problems is to:

determine if he has normal erections during sleep.

Which of the following is NOT a function of the seminal fluid?

to produce sperm

Steven often becomes sexually aroused but frequently does not ejaculate. How would this affect his general health?

It wouldn’t; there is no harm to a man’s health if he does not ejaculate.

A major difference between men and women in the sexual response cycle is that:

after reaching orgasm, men are not able to ejaculate for some time, but women can experience multiple orgasms in quick succession.

Gynecomastia, the swelling or enlargement of the male breast:

is a normal response to hormonal changes in adolescence.

The external male sexual structures are the penis and the:


Testosterone is considered the most important male hormone because:

triggers sperm production and regulates the sex drive.

The word "penis" is derived from the Latin word for:


When not aroused, the average size of a penis is:

3 inches long.

How often does spermatogeneis—the production of sperm—occur?

every day for a healthy postpubescent male

Assuming sexual intercourse occurs between a man and a woman, whose chromosomes would determine the offspring’s sex?

the man’s

Although a problematic solution, the most effective means for stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS is:

sexual abstinence.

The male reproductive glands, which produce sperm and hormones, are the:


Although the text suggests that the primary reasons for circumcising the penis are tradition and religious beliefs, the uncircumcised penis:

can accumulate smegma and become infected.

Adam had a vasectomy. We would expect that he will no longer:

transmit sperm to his sex partner.

Men and women are both subject to cyclical changes in mood and behavior patterns.


The external male sexual structures are the penis and the scrotum.


Testosterone is produced by men, not by women.


Testosterone replacement therapy is commonly prescribed as a safe treatment for men who suffer from erectile problems.


Circumcision is a harmful procedure that should be discontinued.


Wet dreams are a sign of sexual abnormality.


Men are as able as women to experience multiple orgasms.


The man’s urethra is a passageway for urine and semen.


Only women use Kegel exercises to strengthen genital muscles.


If the condition known as cryptorchidism is not corrected before puberty, sperm are unlikely to mature.


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