Biology Chapter 19 Quiz

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According to the logistic growth model, what happens to a population when the size of the population reaches carrying capacity?

the growth rate is zero

An unexpected freeze that kills a population of chipmunks is an example of ______.

a density-independent factor

If a population’s growth rate decreases as the population size approaches carrying capacity, the population’s growth follows a(n) ______ model.


In a population that is following a logistic growth pattern, what shape does the population’s growth curve most closely resemble?


In an ideal, unlimited environment, a population’s growth follows a(n) ______ model.


Non-native species can have important effects on biological communities by ______.

doing all of the above

Opportunistic species typically ______.

have a large number of offspring

Species that exhibit an equilibrial life history typically ______.

have long lives

The Endangered Species Act aims to help protect species that ______.

are in danger of extinction

The ecological footprint of the United States ______.

shows that Americans consume a disproportionate amount of food and fuel

Type I survivorship curves are typical of species that exhibit ______.

few offspring and good parental care

What is a population?

a group of organisms that occupy the same general area

Which of these best describes Type II survivorship?

survivorship is constant over the lifespan

Which of these best describes Type III survivorship?

survivorship is high for the few individuals that survive to a certain age

Which of these factors operates in a density-dependent manner?

food supply

Which of these is a characteristic of Type I survivorship?

most individuals survive to older age intervals

______ is the maximum population size that a particular habitat can support.

carrying capacity

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