Biology B- Animals (Unit 4)

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A student looks at a slice of tissue on an unlabeled microscope slide. The student concludes the tissue is not from an animal because the cells in the tissue have…

Cell Walls

Look at the illustration in Figure 25-1 above. Which letter represents the hollow nerve cord?


Which of the following correctly describes the major types of animals?

All chordates share a common ancestor, but there is no common ancestor of all invertebrates.

Homeostasis is a…

Stable internal environment.

When an animal’s environment changes, sexual reproduction improves a species’ ability to…

Adapt to new living conditions.

The presence of legs or other limbs indicates that the animal is…


Look at the illustration in Figure 25-2. This animal can be classified as…

A pseudocoelomate.

Look at the illustration in Figure 25-5. Which letter points to the endoderm?


The difference between a protostome and a deuterostome is that…

The blastopore in a deuterostome develops into the animal’s anus.

Which of the following is a fertilized egg?

A zygote.

An animal that has body parts that extend outward from its center shows…

Radial symmetry.

A coelom is a body cavity…

Completely lined with mesoderm.

Which of the following variations would you expect to see in land vertebrates?

Varying shapes of forelimbs.

Body plans evolve as adaptations that…

Enable members of a phylum to survive and reproduce.

Which of the following is a node that you would expect to find on the cladogram for animals?

Deuterostome development.

Scientists believe that ancient ancestors of all animals were…

Single-celled eukaryotes that sometimes grew in colonies.

The Cambrian Explosion resulted in the evolution of the first…

Representatives of most animal phyla.

Which of the following occurred before the Cambrian Explosion?

Some animals demonstrated signs of segmentation and bilateral symmetry.

The simplest animals to have body symmetry are…


Look at Figure 26-1. The cladogram suggests that the Cambrian Explosion most likely took place after the development of which characteristic?

Three germ layers.

Few fossils of the earliest animals exist because they…

Were soft bodied and tiny, therefore, unlikely to fossilize.

Some of the fossils that have been found from before the Cambrian Explosion are embryos. This suggests that the organisms these fossils belong to…

Reproduce sexually.

Most of the body features found in invertebrates evolved during which of the following periods?


A marine biologist exploring a deep sea trench locates a new species of soft bodied creature with an unfamiliar shape. He is able to determine that the creature is a mollusk because it has…

An internal shell.

According to Figure 26-1, the development of three germ layers occurred before the development of…

Protostome Development

A flexible, supporting structure found only in chordates is the…


Ancient chordates are thought to be most closely related to which of the following species?

Sea Stars

Fossil evidence indicates that Myllokunmingia, the earliest known vertebrates, had feathery gills, skeletal structures thought to be made of cartilage, and traces of fins. Based on this description Myllokunmingia was most likely an early species of…


Which of the following animals lacks a notochord in both its embryonic and adult stages?

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