Biology B – 1. Genetics and Heredity – 6. Quiz 1

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Which statements are correct concerning human DNA?

It contains 46 chromosomes Each strand contains chromosomes from one parent.

A major unit of the genetic code is called a(n) _____.


A section of DNA that provides information for a protein is called a _____.


Which type of RNA makes up the ribosomes that manufacture polypeptides?


Match the following terms and definitions
1. a segment that contains the information for making protein
2. a complex molecule containing the genetic code
3. a nucleic acid that participates in the synthesis of proteins

1. gene 2. DNA 3. RNA

Select all that apply.
Genetic codes contain _____.

– complex information – detailed instructions

The rungs or steps of DNA are made up of _____, which are attached to the sides or railings of DNA, which are made up of _____.

– nitrogenous bases – deoxyribose and phosphate

Which statement correctly relates to DNA and RNA?

RNA reads and translates the DNA code.

Carrying the genetic code and determining an organism’s structure and function are the functions of _____.


Regulating the manufacture of _____ is the function of RNA.


Genes that are linked together _____.

are found on a particular chromosome

Chromosomes other than sex chromosomes are known as _____.


Changes in the genetic make-up are normally _____ to the organism.


If only a single member of a pair of chromosomes is present in a cell, it is a _____ condition and is most likely a _____ cell.

haploid; reproductive

Height, hair color, eye color, and intelligence are traits passed on by _____.


What regulates the enzymes present in an organism?


_____ is responsible for the chromosome theory, which says that genes of inheritance are in specific locations on a chromosome.

W.S. Sutton

The _____ chromosome is the sex determiner for many species.


A nucleotide consists of

A phosphate, a sugar and a nitrogen base

The process by which DNA makes a complete copy of itself is called


Sexual reproduction produces offspring _____.

similar to parents but also genetically unique

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