Biology 1023 Final Chapter 17

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1. The fossil record shows that Earth’s geography and climate have been stable over time?


2. Which factor is NOT important in influencing the distribution of related species?

Convergent Evolution

3. How living things are currently grouped on the evolutionary tree?

3 Domains; Archaea, Eukarya, and Bacteria

4. The evidence that scientists currently have suggests that life on Earth_______

began in the water,first evolved around 3,500 million years ago, began as single-celled organisms

5. Why are genes from ribosomal RNA (rRNA) used to compare genetic sequences between species?

they are found in all living organisms

6. The biogeography of a species can help explain all of the following EXCEPT:

A. how organisms originally came to populate a specific region. B. how two geographically isolated species can share a common ancestor. C. why a species is confined to some parts of the world, even though other areas have suitable habitats. All of the above can be determined from studying the biogeography of a species.

7. What is the best explanation as to why early penguin fossils have been found in New Zealand?

New Zealand was once much closer to Antarctica

8. Which of the following factors might affect the physical distribution of a particular species?

plate tectonics

9. The Miller-Urey experiment was important because it showed __________

that is was possible to form organic molecules from inorganic molecules

10. On a phylogenetic tree, the _______ represents the most recent common ancestor shared by the organisms above it.


11. Which of the following are used to develop a phylogenetic tree?

A fossil records B. physical traits C. shared DNA sequences All of the above are used to develop a phylogenetic tree

12. If two organisms are placed in the same phylum, which of the following statements is TRUE?

They have some major body structures in common.

13. Which of the following statements is FALSE?

Once an organism is classified, the classification cannot change.

14. Which of the following materials can be used to estimate the age of the Earth and our solar system?

A. rocks and materials collected from the moon B.pieces of meteorites that have fallen to earth C. minerals collected from ancient rocks All of the above can be used to estimate the age of the Earth and our solar system.

15.When 50-90% of all species die off rapidly, this is called __________

mass extinction

16. The first eukaryotic organisms on Earth were _______

green algae

17. If you found a fossil of an animal that was found in many areas of Gondwana, on which of the following continents might you expect to find its descendants?

South America

18. According to scientists, approximately _______ species exist on Earth today

5-30 million

19. Which of the following types of molecules has not been synthesized from experiments similar to the ones performed by Miller and Urey?


20. The evolutionary history of an organism is called its _______.


21. Scientists can use __________ to determine the age of an igneous rock surrounding a fossil.

radiometric dating

22. An animal with a rigid backbone would belong to which phylum?


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