Biology 10.1- Cell Growth, Division, & Reproduction

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True or False. As a cell’s size increases, its amount of DNA also increase.

False. As a cell’s size increases, its amount of DNA stays the same

True or False. The amount of activity in a cell is related to its volume.


True or False. The smaller the cell, the smaller its ratio of surface area to volume.

False. The smaller the cell, the larger its ratio of surface area to volume

True or False. The information crisis in a cell is solved by the replication of DNA before cell division.


In the visual analogy of the growing town, what does the library represent? Identify two characteristics that make it a good choice for this analogy.

The library represents the cell’s DNA. It’s a good choice because a library contains information and typically, there’s only one per small town.

____ is the formation of new individuals.


For single-celled organisms, cell division is a form of _____ reproduction.


Most multicellular organisms reproduce by ____ reproduction.


Asexual & Sexual Reproduction Similarities

• Both produce new organisms • Both involve transferring DNA from parent to offspring

Asexual & Sexual Reproduction Differences

• Offspring from asexual reproduction has identical genes from the parent (clone). • Offspring from sexual reproduction have a mixture of genes from each parent. • Sexual reproduction requires two sex cells • Asexual reproduction requires one sex cell.

Vascular tissue helps plants transport water against the force of gravity. Because of this, plants lack vascular tissue do not grow very tall. How is this situation similar to the information you have learned in this lesson. Explain.

Plants that lack vascular tissue cannot grow tall because they cannot transport water very far. If a cell grew very large, it would be unable to transport needed materials into the cell.

cell division

the process by which a cell divides into two new daughter cells

asexual reproduction

the production of genetically identical offspring from a single parent

sexual reproduction

the production of offspring that inherit some of each parent’s genetic information

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