Bio Final ch. 18

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A Rock is?


What is the correct hierarchial order?

organismal,, population, community, and ecosystem

What level of ecology is concerned with the adaptation of individuals?

Organismal ecology

What level of ecology is concerned with groups of individuals of the same species?

Population ecology

What level of ecology is concerned with different species?

Community ecology

What level of ecology is concerned with both the biotic and abiotic aspects of the environment?

ecosystem ecology

Whose work was among the first to bring environmental concerns to the public environment?

What is the primary source of energy for nearly all of the earths ecosystems?

Solar energy from sunlight captured by chlorophyll.

Aquatic organisms have a waxy coating to prevent water loss True/False?


What may wind affect?

an organisms water.

Which is not considered a catastrophic disturbance?

As a result of a catastrophic disturbance a community will

What is a population?

a group of individuals of the same species living in a particular geographic area.

What is a community?

Consist of all the organisms that inhabit a particular area.

What is the number of individuals of a population per unit area?

What is the number of individuals per unit area is?

Population Density

If a species of fungus is only found living on cow patties, what type of dispersion pattern is the fungus exhibiting?


When students first enter a clssroom where they are unfamiliar with others in class, they tend to leave atleast one chair between each other. What type of dispersion pattern does this illustrate?

What name is given to patternless distriibution of the individuals of pattern does this illustrate?

In the presence of limiting factors, a populations growths follows?


In the presence of limiting factors, a populations growth follows

logistic models

what is the number of individuals of a species that a particular habitat can support?

carrying capacity

competition among individuals of the same species?


What factor operate in a density dependent manner?

food supply

over time the populations of some species does what?

relatively stable

An unexpected freeze that kills a population of chipmunks is an example of?

Density independent factor

What will be the approximate shape of the age structure diagram of a rapidly increasing population?


What will be the approximate shape of the age structure diagram of a stable population?


Which of these best describes type 1 survivor ship?

low death rate early in life, high death late

type 1 survivorship curves a typical of species that exhibit?

few offspring, good parental care

Which of these best describes type 3 survivorship?

very high death rate, very early in life

Opportunistic species typically do what?

have large number of offspring sexual maturity rapidly

Species that exhibit an equiliberal life history typically do what?

have long lives

What organisms form the subtrate of a coral reef?

As a result of disturbance, a community will do what?

undergo succession

Organisms at the first trophic level are


In the food chain grass an atelope is

herbivor/primary consumer

In the food chain grass the human is?

secondary consumer

which organism is responsible fro making energy available to other organisms?


which covert organuc matter to inorganic matter by breaking down dead organisms?


Which organism is a detritivore?

Beetles, millipedes

Bears eat berries, human and large fish; thelarge fish at smaller fish and insects; humans eat bears, large fish and berries; venus flytraps eat insects this is what kind of scenerio?

a food web

Humans are omnivores or herbivors?


How does energy flow differ from chemical cycling?

Energy/Undirectional- Chemical/Recycled

Approximately what percentage of the visible light reaching earths surface do producers covert chemical energy?


Biomass is the total amount of?

organic material

What is the rate at which organic matter is produced in an ecosystem?

primary productivity

What percentage of the energy in the form of organic matter at one trophic level is not available as biomass at the next highest trophic level?


You would expect an energy pyramid to have roughly the same shape as a diagram illustrating changes in what?


The main abiotic reservoir for carbon is?

The atmosphere

What from of carbon is incorporated into organic matter by producers?

Carbon dioxide, C02

The atmospher is approximatley 80% what?

Nitrogen Gas

The major abiotic reservoir for phosphorus is?


Globally most water moves from?

warm regions to cold regions

the sahara desert and the negev desert belong to the same what?


What are the dominat herbivors of the savanna ecosystems?

elephants, giraffes

What is the basis of the difference between savannas and grasslands?

more trees

Which of the biomes is maintained by fire?


most of the temperate grassland in north america has been converted to

Photic zone

what are estuaries?

tidal mouth of river

Which of these biomes is one of the most biologically productive of all biomes?


What name is given to the sea where the region where the sea meets land?

intertidal zone

What name is given to the open ocean?

aphotic zone

in what ocean zone are phytoplankton found?

ipelogical zone

what name is given to the sea floor?

Benthic Realm

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