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A neuron’s nucleus is located in its _____.

cell body ( The cell body is the region of a neuron where the nucleus is found.)

A nerve impulse moves toward a neuron’s cell body along _____.

dendrites ( Dendrites conduct an impulse from a synapse toward the cell body.)

A nerve impulse moves away from a neuron’s cell body along _____.


An impulse relayed along a myelinated axon "jumps" from _____ to _____.

node of Ranvier … node of Ranvier

Axons insulated by a(n) _____ are able to conduct impulses faster that those not so insulated.

myelin sheath

What type of cell makes up the myelin sheath of a motor neuron?

Schwann cells

What part of a neuron relays signals from one neuron to another neuron or to an effector?

synaptic terminal

A neuron has a resting potential of about _____ millivolts.


An action potential moves along a(n) _____.


At rest, which of these plays a role in establishing the charge differential across a neuron’s plasma membrane?

the sodium-potassium pump moving sodium ions out of the neuron and potassium ions into the neuron

The transmission of a nerve impulse first triggers the _____.

opening of voltage-gated sodium channels and the diffusion of sodium ions into the neuron

A stimulus has opened the voltage-gated sodium channels in an area of a neuron’s plasma membrane. As a result, _____ rushes into the neuron and diffuses to adjacent areas; this in turn results in the _____ in the adjacent areas.

sodium … opening of voltage-gated sodium channels

Which of these causes the release of neurotransmitter molecules?

an action potential reaching the end of the axon

The space between an axon of one neuron and the dendrite of another neuron is called a(n) _____.

synaptic cleft "Synaptic cleft" is the name given to the space between two neurons that meet at a synapse.

Neurons store neurotransmitter molecules in vesicles located within _____.

synaptic terminals

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