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Sperm develop in the _____.

seminiferous tubules

Sperm exit a male’s body via the _____.


Which pituitary secretion stimulates sperm production?


Which pituitary secretion stimulates the testes to secrete androgens?


Which hormone(s) is(are) directly responsible for triggering the development of the secondary sex characteristics of males, such as beard growth?

androgens ( Androgens, such as testosterone, are responsible for both sperm production and the secondary sex characteristics of males.)

The secretion of androgens is regulated by a _____ feedback mechanism involving the _____ and _____.

negative … hypothalamus … pituitary gland

Sperm become capable of movement while in the _____.


What is the usual site of the fertilization of an egg cell?


A fertilized egg usually implants itself and develops in the _____.


Developing ovarian follicles primarily secrete _____.


A rapid increase in the _____ level stimulates ovulation.

luteinizing hormone

Ovulation usually occurs on or about day _____ of a 28-day ovarian cycle.


After ovulation, high levels of _____ inhibit _____ secretion.

estrogen and progesterone … FSH and LH

If there is no fertilization, degeneration of the corpus luteum results in a drop in _____, which results in the sloughing off of the uterus’s endometrium.

estrogen and progesterone

If there is fertilization, secretion of _____ by the early embryo maintains the corpus luteum.

human chorionic gonadotropin

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