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Ovules are found within structure _____.


Which of these is unique to flowering plants?

double fertilization

The male gametophytes of flowering plants are also referred to as _____.

pollen grains

In flowering plants the integuments of the ovule develop into a(n) _____.

seed coat ( The integuments of the ovule develop into a tough seed coat.)

A carpel is composed of _____.

stigma, style, and ovary ( These are the components of a carpel.)

In flowering plants one megaspore gives rise to _____ nuclei.

eight haploid

A stamen consists of _____.

anther and filament ( These are the components of a stamen.)

In angiosperms, pollination is the transfer of pollen grain to the _____ of a flower on the same plant or another plant of the same species.


What is endosperm?

via cotyledons, a source of food for the embryo

The pointer is indicating a diploid cell that develops into the _____.


Fruits evolved primarily as structures specialized to _____.

disperse seeds

Why is golden rice pale yellow in color?

It is rich in beta-carotene.

Which of these is a symptom of vitamin A deficiency?


Which of these is a vitamin A precursor?


The transfer of antibiotic-resistant genes from genetically engineered bacteria to disease-causing bacteria _____.

seems unlikely

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