Bio Ch. 7

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________ is the source of the oxygen gas released by a photosystem.


The color that we see when looking at a pigmented object is ________.

the wavelengths that are reflected or transmitted by the pigmented object

The shorter the wavelength of visible light, the ________.

greater the energy

Within the inner membrane of a chloroplast, interconnected sacs of membrane called ________ are suspended in a thick fluid called the ________.

thylakoids… stroma

When a molecule absorbs a photon, one of its electrons is raised to the ________ state.


The Calvin cycle requires ________ and ________ from the light reactions in order to operate.


Which of the following is produced during the light reactions of photosynthesis?


Photosynthesis contributes to plant growth by ________.

taking in carbon dioxide and making sugars (carbohydrates)

The energy of wavelengths that appear ________ is LEAST useful to photosynthesis.


If a plant appears blue to us, what wavelength of light is being reflected?


All of these descriptors of the Calvin cycle are true except

the location is the chlorophyll

The reason why we do not see autumn colors until autumn is

in autumn the amount of chlorophyll decreases permitting autumn colors to show

Through which creatures does God supply energy for nearly all life forms?


The Calvin cycle makes direct use of ________ to make ________.

CO2, ATP, and NADPH… sugar

What name is given to a discrete packet of light?


What name is given to the membranous sacs found within a chloroplast?


What is responsible for the yellow-orange coloration of leaves in the fall?


Through what structure(s) do plants obtain most of their water


The light reactions of photosynthesis take place ________.

in the thylakoid membrane

What is the function of stomata?

gas exchange

Refer to the accompanying figure. Which of the following is TRUE regarding the behavior of a chlorophyll molecule as it absorbs a photon?

The energy of a photon raises an electron to the excited state.

In photosynthesis, an H+ ion gradient forms across the ________.

thylakoid membrane

The products of the light reactions of photosynthesis are ________.


The organelle that houses the photosynthetic mechanisms is


What is the ultimate source of energy in the bread you had for lunch?


The following roles of these structures in the light reactions are true except

the electron transport system makes carbon dioxide

All of the following are probable reasons why God created photosynthesis except

He is limited in His creativity

If you provided your shade-tolerant plants with their preferred wavelength of light, but only minimal amounts of water, which of the following would you expect to occur?

decreased amounts of ATP being produced by the plants

Which of the following equations best summarizes photosynthesis?

6 CO2 + 6 H2O → C6H12O6 + 6 O2

What are grana?

stacks of membranous sacs

What is one reason why plants have accessory pigment molecules, like chlorophyll b and carotenoids?

to absorb energy in parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that chlorophyll a cannot

Which of the following is the source of electrons for the light reactions?


Where are photosystems located?

thylakoid membrane

Within the inner membrane of a chloroplast, interconnected sacs of membrane called ________ are suspended in a thick fluid called the ________.

thylakoids… stroma

The two chemical reactants of photosynthesis are

carbon dioxide and water

The organelle that houses the photosynthetic mechanisms is


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