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The IACUC’s activities to ensure compliance benefit whom?

the institution, the investigators and the animals

The term IACUC stands for what?

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Which is not a mandated activity of the IACUC?

assist with writing the basic science portions of a grant applications

Which of the following Guides is best used as a source of guidelines for animals used in food and fiber research and teaching?

The Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Agricultural Research and Teaching

What are the two principal animal research regulatory documents used by the public health service?

the PHS policy on humane care and the use of laboratory animals and the guide for the care and use of laboratory animals

which of the following is a role of AAALAC?

sponsors a voluntary accreditation program for animal care and use programs

For research on animal subjects, when must an investigator provide to the IACUC a description of the procedures and receive IACUC approval?

before any of the use of the animals for the project begins

which PHS organization is responsible for monitoring institutional compliance with PHS policy?

The office of laboratory animal welfare

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