Bio 182 Chapter 33 & 34

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The animal phylum most like the protists that gave rise to the animal kingdom is _____.

PROIFERA Evidence that supports this includes the lack of true tissue in sponges and the close similarity between choanocytes and choanoflagellates.

One should expect to find cilia associated with the feeding apparatus of


Which of the following is a characteristic of cnidarians?

GASTROVASCULAR CAVITY The gastrovascular cavity, characterized by a single opening, is the digestive compartment of cnidarians.

Healthy corals are brightly colored because they

host symbionts with colorful photosynthetic pigments

An elementary school science teacher decided to liven up the classroom with a saltwater aquarium. Knowing that saltwater aquaria can be quite a hassle, the teacher proceeded stepwise. First, the teacher conditioned the water. Next, the teacher decided to stock the tank with various marine invertebrates, including a polychaete, a siliceous sponge, several bivalves, a shrimp, several sea anemones of different types, a colonial hydra, a few coral species, an ectoproct, a sea star, and several herbivorous gastropod varieties. Lastly, she added some vertebrates-a parrotfish and a clownfish. She arranged for daily feedings of copepods and feeder fish.

The teacher and class were especially saddened when the colonial hydrozoan died. They had watched it carefully, and the unfortunate creature never even got to produce offspring by budding. Yet, everyone was elated when one of the students noticed a small colonial hydrozoan growing in a part of the tank far from the location of the original colony. The teacher was apparently unaware that these hydrozoans exhibit _____.


Members of the phylum Mollusca

Members of the phylum Mollusca are soft-bodied and are often covered by a shell.

If a lung were to be found in a mollusc, where would it be located?


A marine biologist dredges up a small animal from the bottom of the ocean. It is uniformly segmented, with short, stiff appendages and soft, flexible skin. It has a complete digestive system and a closed circulatory system, plus multiple true coeloms. Based on this, you determine that the animal must be an

ANNELID The description matches the characteristics of annelids.

Which of the following is characteristic of the phylum Platyhelminthes?

They are dorsoventrally flattened. This is why they are also called flatworms.

What would be the most effective method of reducing the incidence of blood flukes in a human population

reduce the population of the intermediate snail host

Which of the following is true of annelids

They perform gas exchange across their skin. Cutaneous respiration occurs across their skins. Polychaetes have lateral extensions, called parapodia, which provide even more surface area for cutaneous respiration.

What would be the most direct effect of removing or damaging an insect’s antennae? The insect would have trouble


You find a multi-legged animal in your garden and want to determine if it is a centipede or a millipede. You take the animal to a university where a myriapodologist quickly tells you that you have found a centipede. Which of the following may have allowed her to make this distinction

poisonous fangs

Nematodes and arthropods both

grow by shedding their exoskeleton

Which of the following are thought to be most closely related to humans

SEA STARS Humans and sea stars are deuterostomes.

Which extant chordates are postulated to be most like the earliest chordates in appearance


Vertebrates and tunicates share

a notochord and a dorsal, hollow nerve cord

Which of the following chordates is most likely to look least like other chordates

adult tunicate An adult tunicate does not have a notochord (or vertebrae), a nerve cord, or a post-anal tail. The only chordate feature it retains is pharyngeal slits.

Which of the following is NOT a diagnostic feature of the Chordata

vertebrae Lancelets and tunicates are two subgroups of chordates that lack vertebrae. Hagfishes do, too.

Which of the following is a characteristic of all chordates at some point during their life cycle


Which one of these chordate groups lacks a post-anal tail and a notochord as adults

tunicates While larval tunicates have a post-anal tail and a notochord, adult tunicates do not.

The common ancestor of all these chordate groups EXCEPT the _____ probably had paired appendages

lampreys Lampreys lack paired appendages.

Which of these is the only chordate group that has hair?

mammals Hair is one of the defining characteristics of mammals.

Which of the following statements about deuterostomes is false?

All deuterostomes exhibit radial symmetry in their bodies.

Which structure is not an innovation that occurred during vertebrate diversification?

Exoskeleton Exoskeletons are present in groups other than the vertebrates, including some in the protostome lineage.

Which characteristic distinguishes echinoderms from the other two deuterostome lineages?

THE BODY PLAN Echinoderms exhibit a unique body plan characterized by an endoskeleton and a water vascular system.

Which of the following statements about vertebrates is true?

The development of an amniotic egg and internal fertilization allowed vertebrates to reproduce away from water. Reptiles and their descendants reproduce on land via an amniotic egg, which prevents the embryo from drying out.

Which characteristics define a chordate?

The presence of four specific morphological traits Chordates are defined by the presence of four morphological traits: a notochord, a dorsal nerve cord, pharyngeal gill slits, and a tail behind the anus.

Which structure can be used for feeding and gas exchange?

Pharyngeal gill slit A pharyngeal gill slit is an opening into the throat that can be used for feeding and gas exchange.

The earliest known mineralized structures in vertebrates are associated with


Which of the following could be considered the most recent common ancestor of living tetrapods?

a sturdy-finned, shallow-water lobe-fin whose appendages had skeletal supports similar to those of terrestrial vertebrates

Which of the following are the only extant animals that descended directly from dinosaurs


Which of these characteristics added most to vertebrate success in relatively dry environments?

the shelled, amniotic egg

Which characteristic is common to all the modern representatives of all major reptilian lineages (turtles, lepidosaurs, crocodilians, and birds)?

presence of a notochord

There are three major groups of mammals, categorized on the basis of their

method of reproduction Monotremes are egg-laying mammals, marsupials are pouched mammals, and eutherians are placental mammals.

The diagnostic feature of Chondrichthyes is

an endoskeleton of calcified cartilage The cartilaginous skeleton of sharks and their relatives is reinforced with calcium.

Jaws evolved

by modification of the skeletal rods that previously supported the anterior pharyngeal gill slits According to a leading hypothesis, this marked a reduction in the number of pharyngeal gill slits and a change in the function of gills from feeding to respiration.

Jaws first occurred in which extant group of fishes


Which structure of the amniotic egg most closely surrounds the embryo

the amnion

Most members of which of the following groups are most closely associated with a wet or moist environment

amphibians Amphibians typically have a water-permeable skin that does not easily resist drying. Thus, amphibians tend to be found in moist environments.

Which of these are amniotes


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