BIO-150 chapter 9

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How many NADH are produced by glycolysis?

Substrate-level phosphorylation

In glycolysis, ATP molecules are produced by _____.


Which of these is NOT a product of glycolysis?


In glycolysis, what starts the process of glucose oxidation?


In glycolysis there is a net gain of _____ ATP

Acetyl coA

Which of these enters the Krebs cycle?


How does pyruvate enter a mitochondrion

Substrate-level phosphorylation

In the Krebs cycle, ATP molecules are produced by _____.

acetyl CO2

Which of these is NOT a product of the Krebs cycle? ATP NADH + H+ FADH2 CO2 acetyl CO2


For each glucose that enters glycolysis, _____ acetyl CoA enter the Krebs cycle


For each glucose that enters glycolysis, _____ NADH + H+ are produced by the Krebs cycle.

Oxidative phosphorylation

In cellular respiration, most ATP molecules are produced by _____.


The final electron acceptor of cellular respiration is _____.

NADH and FADH2; inter-membrane space

During electron transport, energy from _____ is used to pump hydrogen ions into the _____.

kinetic energy that is released as hydrogen ions diffuse down their concentration gradient

The proximate (immediate) source of energy for oxidative phosphorylation is _____.

carbon dioxide, lactate, NAD+, and ATP

In muscle cells, fermentation produces _____.

pyruvate … NADH

In fermentation _____ is reduced and _____ is oxidized.

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