Being a good sport

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Sporting officials are typically responsible for __________.

starting and ending the competition, ensuring the game flows properly, monitoring pregame activities

It’s the officials’ responsibility to insure that teammates are communicating effectively with one another.


Players with a high level of skill should feel free to flaunt their skills in a game.


It would NOT be ethical to __________.

fake an injury to get an extra timeout in a close game

Rules pertaining to proper etiquette for a sport are always written in the official rules.


The first officials of sporting events were __________.

the captains of the two competing teams

Which of the following BEST describes sports etiquette?

unwritten rules and expectations for fair sports play

Coaches are ultimately responsible for the safety of their athletes.


Which of the following is NOT part of baseball etiquette?

don’t intentionally hit a batter with a pitched ball

Your etiquette and ethics on the sports field are a reflection of your overall character.


Which of the following is NOT part of baseball etiquette?

don’t intentionally hit a batter with a pitched ball

Game officials typically report the final score and game notes to the association in charge of the sport.


Which of the following is an example of good sports etiquette?

failing to return a serve in tennis that was clearly out

Which of the following is NOT a principle of safe sports?

doing whatever it takes to win

Being a poor sport only applies to those teams that lose a competition.


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