BCOM Chapt 11

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In terms of maintaining credibility, the most important quality to convey when delivering bad news is


Which of the following is a likely consequence of a person waiting a long time to deliver bad news?

The bad news recipient’s will speculate and gossip

Which of the following is an example of a bad news message characterized by low severity and high controllability?

One colleague rejecting another colleague’s idea

Which of the following is the richest communication channel for delivering bad-news messages?

personal meetings

Which of the following communication channels should ideally be used for a bad-news message that is
characterized by high severity and high controllability?

A personal meeting

Which of the following is the best example of a buffer in a message to turn down a job applicant?

Thank you for your interest in the market research position at Bookworm Inc.

In the context of bad news, a teaser message is a message that

prepares recipients emotionally yet does not reveal specific information.

Serena, a bank manager at the United Front Bank, heads the business loan department. She wants to communicate to all of the bank’s long-term customers that interest rates on business loans are increasing by a full percentage point.

She should use specific and simple language

Which of the following would damage the effectiveness of a written message designed to convey bad
news to colleagues or employees?

avoiding discussion of the immediate impact of the bad news on recipients

Which of the following helps organizations maintain credibility when delivering bad news?

providing a clear rationale

To keep an organization free of the mum effect, it is necessary to

foster a transparent and open work culture.

Which of the following is the best example of a company experiencing the mum effect?

In Sandman Corp., as messages move up the chain of bureaucracy, they get filtered at each level to soften bad news

Which of the following is an example of an external partner?

A supplier

While delivering bad news in writing to customers, use

passive verbs

Ideally, which of the following should a manager avoid when delivering negative performance reviews

Sugarcoating the bad news

Lane has to deliver his first negative performance review. He should make sure to

focus on the unacceptable actions and their results.

The sandwich approach to delivering bad news

softens the bad news but encourages bad performance

In delivering negative performance reviews, a focus on the ______ of an employee is least likely to
provoke defensiveness or a counterproductive response.


Negative performance reviews that lack measurable and realistic goals are most likely to .

demoralize employees.

To avoid counterproductive responses to negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, and anger, a person

learn to recognize and name these emotions.

Which of the following is an example of reframing thoughts in order to respond to negative feedback

Getting an honest assessment of my work will help me succeed.

Arnold was angry because he believed that his boss did not pay enough attention to his work. As a result, Arnold convinced himself that he was fine without feedback. This means that Arnold

is displaying a counterproductive response to a negative emotion

Which of the following statements is true of reviewing bad news messages before delivering them?

Strong emotions may affect the tone of the message, therefore bad news messages need intense reviewing.

Which of the following questions will help you review bad news message to evaluate the "access" aspect of the FAIR tests?

Are my motives clear, or will others perceive that I have a hidden agenda?

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