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Learning the languages of other cultures can help you appreciate the richness of those cultures.


Projected cognitive similarity is the tendency to think members of other groups are all the same


Lorna assumes that her colleagues in Mexico will be just as motivated by an individual rewards program as people in the United States are. This is an example of the outgroup homogeneity effect.


Popular culture plays an important role in the formation of negative stereotypes.


Marta is a German woman who was just hired by a multinational company. It will be helpful for her to assume that her colleagues in Brazil will conceptualize time the same way she does


Cultures that exhibit extremely high collectivism within organizations tend to have a family-centered culture.


Generally, as countries increase their standard of living, they develop more collectivist tendencies.


James has accepted an entry-level position at a company in South Korea, which has a hierarchical culture. James should expect to take part in his company’s decision making right away.


Egalitarianism is the extent to which a community encourages and rewards innovation, high standards, and performance improvement.


Patti is going to work as a manager in the Netherlands, which has a high performance orientation. Patti should avoid giving her new employees feedback because it will make them uncomfortable.


Low-performance orientation societies prioritize measurable goals and objectives in meetings and communications.


Organizations in present-oriented societies are less likely to develop clear long-term strategies and business plans.


In less-assertive cultures, people are uncomfortable with silence.


People in low uncertainty avoidance cultures often stress orderliness and consistency, even if it means sacrificing experimentation and innovation.


In high gender egalitarianism cultures, men and women are encouraged to occupy the same professional roles and leadership positions.


In order to develop strong cross-cultural relationships, one must have an ethnocentric mind-set.


Business managers who are high in cultural intelligence recognize that developing effective co-cultures requires creating something new.


Following the rules of etiquette in other cultures makes a person seem indecisive and insincere.


Chocolates, dessert items, and fine wine are good gifts to give a business colleague in Russia.


Meeting times are relaxed in China, and meetings often start 10 to 15 minutes late.

approach cross-cultural work relationships with a learner mind-set.

High cultural intelligence is demonstrated by the ability to


_____ culture tends to be more permanent and enduring than other types of culture.

Deirdre assumes that other cultural groups have the same values as hers.

Which of the following is an example of projected cognitive similarity?

outgroup homogeneity effect

Olga thinks that all Americans are the same: hard-working, dishonest, and greedy. What is Olga displaying?

Allow those with limited English ability enough time to process their thoughts into English.

Which of the following is useful advice on conducting business across cultures with those who have limited English ability?


As prosperity and economic development rise, _____ increases as well.


Brad chooses to enter relationships only with people who share his interests in sports and work. Whenever he finds himself having less in common with a friend, he leaves the relationship. What cultural dimension does Brad display?


Fred has been sent to build a factory in a small village. His new employees speak often of the rewards the factory will bring to their community. It takes Fred a long time to form relationships because the social networks there are close knit. Which term best describes the primary trait of the culture he is dealing with?

Individualists prefer direct communication, unlike collectivists.

How do individualists differ from collectivists?

They communicate directly to efficiently deal with work tasks and outcomes.

Which of the following is a trait of individualists?

They stay in contact with and work through extended networks built on family and friends.

Which of the following is a trait of collectivists?

His coworkers will respect leaders for their competence, not their position.

Ed is going to work for a year in the Netherlands, which he has learned is even more egalitarian than the United States. What should he expect his new company to be like?

leaders are approached through intermediaries.

In hierarchical cultures

Power is concentrated at the top of the organization.

Leo has been offered a job at the Standard Trust Investment Company, an old institution with a hierarchical culture. Which of the following should Leo expect to be true of the company?

Leaders can be approached directly by subordinates.

Which of the following is characteristic of egalitarian cultures?


In the Durable Manufacturing Company, the president, Alicia Hernandez, makes no more than five times what the lowest-paid worker earns. Alicia is often seen eating in the workers’ lunchroom because she likes to hear opinions about how the work is going. Which term best describes the culture at the Durable Manufacturing Company?

Financial incentives are acceptable motivators.

Which of the following is a feature of cultures with high performance orientation?

Expressions of loyalty and sympathy are valued.

Which of the following is a feature of cultures with low performance orientation?

encourage workers to improve at their jobs.

Cultures with high performance orientation generally

are relaxed about starting things on time.

Cultures with low performance orientation societies generally

use inflexible and firm language.

Cultures with low future orientation

appreciating visionary approaches to business problems

Which of the following is a feature of a culture with high future orientation?

Its people tend to enjoy being in the moment and living spontaneously.

Which of the following is most likely to be true about a culture with low future orientation?

the level of confrontation and directness that is considered appropriate and productive.

The cultural dimension of assertiveness deals with

People tend to speak directly and without using vague expressions.

Which of the following is characteristic of highly assertive cultures?

Less-assertive cultures stress equality and use cooperative language.

How does a less-assertive culture differ from a highly assertive culture?

companies and shareholders emphasize social responsibility.

In cultures with a high humane orientation

low humane orientation

Giles lives in a society where people are expected to solve their own problems. During business meetings, leaders do not waste time offering welcome or making social talk. Unfair treatment on the job is considered just the way life is. Which phrase best describes the type of culture Giles lives in?

teaching people to be sensitive to all forms of unfairness and unkindness

Which of the following is a feature of cultures with a high humane orientation?

They prioritize pleasure and self-enjoyment over kindness and generosity.

Which of the following is characteristic of people from cultures with low humane orientation?

Uncertainty avoidance

_____ refers to how cultures socialize members to feel in novel, surprising, or extraordinary situations.

prefer formality in the majority of interpersonal business interactions.

People from cultures that are high in uncertainty avoidance

orderliness and consistency are held to be important.

In cultures that are high in uncertainty avoidance

Erin proceeds to implement a deal after a verbal agreement has been reached.

Which of the following people is most likely from a culture that is low in uncertainty avoidance?

tasks involving calculated risks, problem solving, and experimentation are preferred.

In cultures that are low in uncertainty avoidance

People prefer tasks with sure outcomes and minimal risk.

Which of the following is a feature of cultures that are high in uncertainty avoidance?

men and women are expected to occupy different roles in society.

In low gender egalitarianism cultures

men and women have equal influence in professional decision making.

In high gender egalitarianism cultures

High priority on performance orientation

Which of the following business trends is valued across the world?

It is a low performance orientation society.

Angela spends a summer working in a hotel owned by some of her Italian relatives. She soon realizes that her job is secure even if she does not work very hard. When she makes mistakes, no one ever comments on them for fear of hurting her feelings. What is true of the culture in which she is working?

high priority on future orientation.

Minh takes a job in Germany. On his first day, his manager tells him that he will be respected if he can motivate himself to succeed. Minh is encouraged to think about his future with the company and to discuss long-term strategies for achieving his goals. From this, Minh concludes that he is in a society with

People across cultures interpret behavior differently.

Which of the following must be kept in mind while building cross-cultural relationships?

They acknowledge that members of other cultures possess unique knowledge.

Which of the following statements about people with learner mind-sets is true?

your own culture is superior to others.

Ethnocentrism is the belief that

Co-culture is a combination of elements from different cultures.

Which of the following is true of a co-culture?

First names are appropriate only after a relationship is well established.

Which of the following correctly names a characteristic of Russian etiquette and customs?

Meetings are scheduled far in advance, and time is viewed flexibly in both countries.

Which of the following correctly states a similarity between Russia and India?

Gifts generally are not expected on first meeting, and buying someone a meal is a better option.

Which of the following correctly names a characteristic of Brazilian etiquette and customs?

Meetings begin on time in China, while meeting times are relaxed in Brazil and often start 10 to 15 minutes late.

Which of the following highlights the difference between Chinese and Brazilian etiquette and customs?

Titles are typically used in the workplace unless directed otherwise.

Which of the following statements correctly names a characteristic of etiquette and customs in India?

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