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When PowerPoint starts, it displays a blank presentation in ____ view.
a. Default
b. Normal
c. Blank
d. Slid


Normal view displays slides one at a time in the ____.
a. Slide pane
b. View pane
c. Slide view
d. Slide window

Slide pane

The ____ is the first slide in a PowerPoint presentation.
a. Presentation outline slide
b. Title slide
c. Content slide
d. Default slide

Title slide

There are ____ text placeholders on the Title slide.
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5


A commonly used layout is the ____ layout.
a. Blank
b. Section Header
c. Title and Content
d. Picture with Caption

Title and Content

To insert a new slide, you use the New Slide button in the ____ group on the HOME
a. Clipboard
b. Slides
c. Paragraph
d. Drawing


A ____ item is a main item in a list.
a. base-level
b. root
c. sub-
d. first-level


Text is measured in ____.
a. points
b. pixels
c. inches
d. millimeters


____ adjusts default font sizes and line spacing to make the text fit.
a. AutoFit
b. AutoRoom
c. AutoAdjust
d. AutoSqueeze


To duplicate, rearrange, or delete slides, you select the slides in the Slides tab in ____ view or switch to Slide Sorter view.
a. Normal
b. Reading
c. Slide Show
d. Slide Sorter


Click the "Return to the previous slide" and "____ to the next slide" buttons to move from slide to slide in Slide Show view.
a. Move
b. Search
c. Advance
d. Progress


If you have closed a saved presentation, open it in Backstage view by using the ____ command.
a. Open
b. Save
c. Edit
d. Search


To edit a presentation without changing the original, create a copy of it. To do this, use the ____ command.
a. Save
b. Save As
c. Copy
d. Copy As

Save As

A ____ is a coordinated set of colors, fonts, backgrounds, and effects.
a. theme
b. layout
c. template
d. thumbnail


A theme and its variants are called a theme ____.
a. set
b. group
c. family
d. template


If you don’t choose a theme, the default ____ theme is applied.
a. blank
b. Office
c. corporate
d. primary colors


To apply a theme from a presentation stored on your computer or network, click the ____ button, and then click Browse for Themes.
a. Themes Plus
b. Themes More
c. Themes Now
d. Themes Gallery

Themes More

A(n) ____, like any presentation, has a theme applied, but it also contains text, graphics, and placeholders to help direct you in creating content for a
a. format
b. template
c. outline
d. placeholder


To find a template on Office.com, display the ____ or New screen in Backstage view.
a. Old
b. Recent
c. Custom
d. Search


You can use the Picture button in the Images group on the ____ tab to add photos to slides.


In PowerPoint terms, ____ a photo means cutting out the parts you don’t want to include.
a. snipping
b. cropping
c. trimming
d. dashing


When you save a presentation that contains photos, PowerPoint automatically compresses the photos to a resolution of ____ pixels per inch (ppi).
a. 120
b. 180
c. 220
d. 280


If photos need to be emailed or uploaded to a Web page, choose the ____ ppi compression setting.
a. 50
b. 96
c. 150
d. 220


When you choose the ____ compression setting, photos are compressed to the resolution specified on the Advanced tab in the PowerPoint Options
dialog box.
a. No compression
b. Yes compression
c. Document resolution
d. Compression resolution

Document resolution

____ handles are the small squares that appear in the corners and in the middle of the sides of the border of a selected object.
a. Zoom
b. Sizing
c. Object
d. Magnification


The ____ ratio is the ratio of an object’s height to its width.
a. image
b. pixel
c. aspect
d. proportion


____ notes are information you add about slide content to help you remember to bring up specific points during the presentation.
a. Speaker
b. Audience
c. Reminder
d. Handout


To indicate that a word might be misspelled, a ____ squiggly line appears under it.
a. red
b. blue
c. green
d. yellow


During your presentation, you can easily display a blank black slide by pressing the ____ key(s).
a. B
b. F3
c. F6
d. Alt+B


____ view displays the slides so that they almost fill the screen, and a status bar appears identifying the number of the current slide and providing
buttons to advance the slide show.
a. Reading
b. Slide Show
c. Handouts
d. Presenter


When you print ____, the presentation is printed with one or more slides on each piece of paper.
a. Full Page Slides
b. Notes Pages
c. Outline
d. Handouts


When you are finished working with a presentation, you can exit PowerPoint. If there is only one presentation open, you click the Close button in the
____ corner of the program window to exit the program.
a. upper-left
b. upper-right
c. lower-left
d. lower-right


After opening PowerPoint, Ethan sees buttons to execute commands in the ____ area.
a. Ribbon
b. Slides tab
c. Placeholder
d. Access Spot


PowerPoint files consist of what looks like pages in a document. Ethan correctly calls these buttons ____.
a. slides
b. groups
c. ribbons
d. banners


Ethan has not saved his PowerPoint file yet, and it appears with a temporary filename "____" followed by a number.
a. File
b. Presentation
c. Temporary
d. Placeholder


When Ethan first opens PowerPoint, he has two ____ view options: 1) to open an existing presentation or 2) to create a new file.
a. Backstage
b. Themes
c. Insert
d. Slide Sorter


When Ethan first creates a new presentation it is displayed in ____ view.
a. Normal
b. Backstage
c. Slide Sorter
d. Presentation


Ivan tells Kamilla that the first slide of her presentation will be the ____ slide.
a. Title
b. Entrance
c. Insertion
d. Animation


Once Kamilla decides to work with the Title slide she sees that it has two ____.
a. picture tabs
b. contextual tabs
c. text placeholders
d. picture placeholders

text placeholders

When Kamilla clicks in the Title placeholder, the insertion point appears as a ____ line in the center of the placeholder.
a. blinking
b. rotating
c. blue, straight
d. red, squiggly


When Kamilla clicks in the Title placeholder a contextual tab, the ____ tab, appears on the ribbon.


Kamilla has run out of room on her computer’s hard drive, so Ivan helps her upload the file to her account on ____, Microsoft’s free online storage
a. OneView
b. OneDrive
c. CloudView
d. CloudDrive


The DRAWING ____ FORMAT tab appears when a drawing or a text box—including the slide’s title and content placeholders—is selected.


To insert a shape, click a shape in the Shapes ____.
a. library
b. archive
c. clipboard
d. gallery


Draw the ____ adjustment handle on a shape to change its proportions without changing the size of the shape.
a. red
b. green
c. blue
d. yellow


Use the ____ Picture button to undo formatting and sizing changes you made to a picture.
a. Recycle
b. Redo
c. Reuse
d. Reset


Like shapes, you can rotate or ____ pictures using the Rotate handle or the Rotate button.
a. flip
b. swap
c. recolor
d. remove


An installed theme can be applied by clicking on a theme in the Themes group on the ____ tab.


If you need to use a custom theme frequently, you can save a presentation file as a(n) ____ Theme file.
a. Windows
b. Office
c. Template
d. Key


To draw a shape, click the Shapes button in the Illustrations group on the _____ tab, click a shape in the gallery, and then click and drag to draw the
shape in the size you want.


A ____ is shading in which one color blends into another or varies from one shade to another.
a. gradient
b. glow
c. reflection
d. bevel


To flip an object, you use the Flip commands on the Rotate button menu in the ____ group on the DRAWING TOOLS FORMAT tab.
a. Reset
b. Finish
c. Position
d. Arrange


To insert a table, in a content placeholder, click the INSERT tab on the ribbon, click the Table button in the ____ group, and then click Insert Table.
a. Data
b. Tables
c. Charts
d. Boxes


When you use the Borders button arrow, the borders will be the style, weight, and color specified by the Pen Style, Pen Weight, and Pen Color
buttons in the ____ Borders group.
a. Add
b. Draw
c. Insert
d. New


Use the Animation ____ to copy the animation, effects, and duration applied to one object to another object.
a. Wizard
b. CopyCat
c. Vault
d. Painter


If you animate a list, the default is for the first-level items to appear ____.
a. one at a time
b. two at a time
c. all at one time
d. one word at a time

one at a time

Sequence options appear on the Effect Options menu in addition to the ____ options when an animation is applied to a text box.
a. Rotation
b. Direction
c. Size
d. Timing


The Add or Remove Columns button in the Paragraph group on the ____ tab allows you to create multiple columns in a text box.


The most commonly used video formats are the MPEG-____ format, the Windows Media Audio/Video format, and the Audio Visual Interleave
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4


After you insert a video, you can modify it by changing ____ options, changing the length of time the video plays, and applying formats and styles to
the video.
a. playlong
b. playback
c. playnow
d. playforward


To insert video stored on your computer or network, click the Insert Video button in a content placeholder, and then in the Insert Video window next
to "____," click Browse to open the Insert Video dialog box.
a. To a file
b. From a file
c. Export a file
d. Save a file

From a file

The start timing setting is on the VIDEO TOOLS PLAYBACK ____.
a. slider
b. tab
c. button
d. group


Media ____ category appears only when a media object—either video or audio—is selected on a slide.
a. cartoon
b. animation
c. transition
d. movement


If you see a black square when you insert a video, you can override this by setting a ____ frame.
a. placemat
b. pop-up
c. poster
d. placeholder


If a video is too long, or if there are parts you don’t want to show during the slide show, you can ____ it.
a. clip
b. cut
c. crop
d. trim


When you choose the ____ compression level for videos the file will be compressed slightly and will maintain the quality of the videos.
a. Presentation Quality
b. Internet Quality
c. Television Quality
d. Digital Quality

Presentation Quality

When you choose the ____ compression level for videos the file will be compressed as small as possible.
a. Low Quality
b. Poor Quality
c. Blur
d. Space Saver

Low Quality

When you choose the ____ compression level for videos the file will be compressed to a quality suitable for streaming over the Internet.
a. Presentation Quality
b. Internet Quality
c. Network Quality
d. ISP Quality

Internet Quality

To compress the videos in a presentation, click the Compress ____ button.
a. Videos
b. Media
c. Audio
d. Files


The Info screen in Backstage view contains a(n) ____ Media button as well as the Compress Media button.
a. Maximize
b. Minimize
c. Optimize
d. Recycle


Usually the date and slide number do not need to appear on the ____.
a. title slide
b. definition slide
c. title of contents slide
d. summary slide

title slide

Clicking either the Date & Time button or the ____ button opens the Header & Footer dialog box.
a. Slide Date
b. Slide Time
c. Slide Number
d. Slide Title

Slide Number

In common usage, a(n) ____ is any text that appears at the bottom of every page in a document or every slide in a presentation.
a. header
b. footer
c. upper
d. lower


Kyle wants to change the thickness of one of the shape outlines. Thickness is another word for ____.
a. weight
b. height
c. length
d. width


Kyle wants to add a 3D rotation to highlight one of the mountain ranges. To do this he clicks the Shape ____ button.
a. Fill
b. Outline
c. Effects
d. Design


Kyle easily adds new shapes to a timeline. He simply clicks the shape he needs in the Shapes ____.
a. library
b. vault
c. clipboard
d. gallery


To open a menu of Rotate and Flip commands, Kyle clicks the ____ button.
a. Rotate
b. Flip
c. Move
d. Shape


To add visual interest, Kyle changes the ____ of the shape’s border by changing the solid outline to a dashed line.
a. style
b. format
c. color
d. weight


John tells Merlia that it is often best to use the same slide transition consistently. He shows her the ____ button which applies the transition to all the
slides in the presentation.
a. Apply as Set
b. Apply to Slides
c. Apply to Transitions
d. Apply to All

Apply to All

After working for a while, Merlia wants to see how the transitions look. John shows her that there is a ____ button on the TRANSITIONS tab to
preview transitions.
a. Preview
b. Show
c. View
d. Look


Merlia wants all of her slides to come "From Right" except the last slide. She can change the last slide to come "From Top" by clicking the ____
a. Effect Movement
b. Effect Options
c. Transition Movement
d. Transition Options

Effect Options

To change the speed of a transition, John shows Merlia how to change the ____.
a. switch
b. duration
c. after setting
d. before setting


A ____________is a pocket-sized device that typically connects to a smartphone or portable computer to enable the device to display an image on a wall.
a. pico projector
b. mega projector
c. 3D projector
d. hologram projector

pico projector

One of the key enhancements in the newest Bluetooth specification known as _____________ is low energy, which enables small devices to run for years on a
single button-sized battery.
a. Bluetooth LE
b. Bluetooth Smart
c. Bluetooth wirless USB
d. Bluetooth Gig

Bluetooth Smart

The new ApplePay service uses which technology?
a. Wireless Batch Communication (WBC)
b. RF Product Communication (RFPC)
c. Near Field Communications (NFC)
d. Electronic Product Coding (EPC)

Near Field Communications (NFC)

Typically, 3D chips are created by layering individual ____ wafers on top of one another with a special machine that uses cameras to align the wafers properly.
a. circuit boards
b. silicon
c. aluminum
d. magnetic


____ chips have a special coating that changes its physical state when heat is applied.
a. RAM
b. PAM


Google Glasses are an example of a technology called ______..
a. pico shine
b. wearable display
c. 3D printing
d. None of these answers is correct.

wearable display

____ displays are transparent; the portion of the display that does not currently have an image displayed (and the entire display device when it is off) is nearly transparent as glass, so the user can see through the screen.


Designed initially for mobile phones and other portable devices, an IMOD screen is essentially a complex mirror that uses ____ light to display images.
a. internal
b. external
c. diffuse
d. both a and b


To record data, holographic storage systems split the light from a blue laser beam into two beams-a ____ beam whose angle determines the address used to store data at that particular location on the storage medium and a signal beam that contains the data.
a. reference
b. static
c. standard
d. starting


With holographic storage systems, the signal beam passes through a device called a ____ light modulator (SLM), which translates the data’s 0s and 1s into a
a. starting
b. standard
c. spatial
d. static


Today’s holographic storage systems typically consist of a holographic drive and removable recordable holographic discs, with current capacities ranging from GB to ____ GB per cartridge.
a. 400
b. 500
c. 600
d. 700


A(n) ____ computer uses light, such as from laser beams or infrared beams, to perform digital computations.
a. optical
b. digital
c. hybrid
d. solar


While some researchers are working on developing an all-optical computer, others believe that a mix of optical and electronic components, referred to as an ____
computer, may be the best bet for the future.
a. electro-optics
b. electronic-opto
c. opto-electronic
d. optics-electro


One new improvement to videoconferencing technology to make it more closely mimic a real-time meeting environment is ____ videoconferencing.
a. telepresence
b. television
c. telephoning
d. televirtual


Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows both ____ power and data to be sent over standard Ethernet cables.
a. microwave
b. magnetic
c. electrical
d. optical


Developed in the late 1990s, Wi-Fi (for wireless fidelity) is a family of wireless networking standards that use the IEEE standard ____.
a. 802.1
b. 802.11
c. 801.2
d. 801.22


The speed and distance of a Wi-Fi network depends on a variety of factors, such as the particular Wi-Fi standard and ____.
a. the number of solid objects between the access point and PC (walls, doors)
b. interference from devices using radio frequencies (baby monitors, microwave ovens)
c. the hardware being used
d. all of the above

all of the above

____ applications that exist in some form today include intelligent agents, expert systems, neural networks, and robotics.
a. Deep technology
b. Artificial intelligence
c. Expert
d. Environmental

Artificial intelligence

Self-driving cars, such as Google’s autonomous cars, are a form of _____.
a. deep network
c. robotics
b. neuro-optics
d. inference engines


The ____ Web is a predicted evolution of the current Web in which all Web content is stored in formats that are more easily read by software applications and
intelligent agents.
a. 5G
b. Semantic
c. Natural-Language
d. Thought-Stream


One example of a neural network is a(n) ____ system that uses cameras to inspect objects and make determinations-for example, the systems that check products defects at manufacturing plants.
a. telemetry
b. vision
c. indexing
d. robotic


When using a(n) ____ system, it is important to realize that its conclusions are based on the data and rules stored in its knowledge base, as well as the information
provided by the users.
a. decision
b. knowledge
c. expert
d. analysis


A(n) ____ network, like the one used by the technology in the accompanying figure, is designed to emulate the brain’s pattern-recognition process in order to
recognize patterns in data and make more progressive leaps in associations and predictions than conventional computer systems.
a. neural
b. programming
c. code
d. inference


Home monitoring systems designed for the home include ______________ .
a. home health monitoring systems
b. smart door locks
c. smart thermostats
d. all of the above

all of the above

Telesurgery is a form of robot-assisted surgery, in which a robot controlled by a physician operates on the patient, and which typically uses ____ to give the human
surgeon an extremely close view of the surgical area.
a. cameras
b. microscopes
c. bright lights
d. magnifying glasses


____ is involved with the development of robotic prosthetic arms that feel, look, and perform like natural arms, which will be used by military personnel who are
injured in the line of duty.
a. NSF
d. The W3C


An emerging military robotic application is the ____ suit, which is a wearable robotic system designed to give an individual additional physical capabilities and
a. exohuman
b. exoskeleton
c. exophysical
d. exobody


Telesurgery is typically ____ than normal surgery.
a. less invasive
b. more precise
c. both a and b
d. neither a nor b

both a and b

Flexible displays commonly use _____ technology.
b. Artificial intelligence
d. nano-scheme


In her presentation, Sam explains that, to record data, holographic storage systems split the light from a blue laser beam into two beams, and that it is the ____ whose angle determines the address used to store data at that particular location on the storage medium.
a. signal
b. reference
c. inferred
d. acute


Sam explains that to record data, holographic storage systems split the light from a blue laser beam into two beams, and that the ____ beam contains the data.
a. signal
b. reference
c. acute
d. inferred


Sam explains that the signal beam passes through a device called a spatial light modulator (SLM), which translates the data’s 0s and 1s into a hologram—a three dimensional
representation of data in the form of a ____ pattern of light and dark pixels.
a. striped
b. diagonal
c. checkerboard
d. plaid


According to Sam’s presentation, the two beams intersect within the recording medium to store the hologram at that location by changing the optical ____ of the
a. phase
b. direction
c. intensity
d. density


Researchers recently demonstrated the ability to store data __________ in synthetic crystals, which may eventually lead to a disc that can store 360 TB of data be stable enough to essentially last forever.
a. suspended
b. as light pulses
c. in 4D
d. in 5D

in 5D

Computer crime is sometimes referred to as ____.
a. hacking
b. cybercrime
c. cyberstalking
d. spoofing


Texplain acceptable computer use to their employees, students, or other users, many organizations and educational institutions publish guidelines for
behavior, often called ____.
a. cybercrime protocols
b. codes of conduct
c. school rules
d. cybercrime rules

codes of conduct

____ refers to the act of breaking into a computer or network.
a. Spamming
b. Phishing
c. Hacking
d. Spoofing


According to a recent study, the total cost per data breach in ____ is $5.4 million—the highest of any country.
a. India
b. China
c. Russia
d. the United States

the United States

Defenders of _______ state that, unless individuals or businesses protect their wireless access points, they are welcoming anyone to use them.
a. spoofing
b. spamming
c. phishing
d. war driving

war driving

The term ____ refers to accessing someone else’s unsecured Wi-Fi network from the hacker’s current location (such as inside his or her home,
outside a Wi-Fi hotspot location, or near a local business).
a. war driving
b. Trojan Wi-Fi
c. DOS
d. Wi-Fi piggybacking

Wi-Fi piggybacking

____ are the most common form of possessed knowledge used for security purposes.
a. Retina scans
b. Passwords
c. PINs
d. Voiceprints


____ can identify users by voiceprint or retina scan.
a. Possessed object access systems
b. Password access systems
c. Possessed knowledge access systems
d. Biometric access systems

Biometric access systems

Increasingly, many people use USB security keys, also called USB security _________ USB flash drives inserted into a computer to grant access to a network, to supply Web site usernames and passwords, or to provide other security features.
a. bots
b. tokens
c. ports
d. codes


____ identify users by a particular unique biological characteristic.
a. Possessed object access systems
b. Password access systems
c. Possessed knowledge access systems
d. Biometric access systems

Biometric access systems

A ____ is a security system that essentially creates a wall between a computer or network and the Internet in order to protect against unauthorized
a. Trojan horse
b. firewall
c. hub
d. bridge


____ uses a single secret key to both encrypt and decrypt the file or message.
a. Private key encryption
b. Asymmetric key encryption
c. Public key encryption
d. Synchronous key encryption

Private key encryption

Some Web-based encrypted e-mail systems—such as the popular free ____ service—require both the sender and recipient to have accounts
through that system.
a. CryptMail
b. Quietmail
c. Hushmail
d. PrivateMail


A ____ provides a secure private tunnel from the user’s computer through the Internet to another destination and is most often used to provide remote employees with secure access to a company network.
a. laptop private network
b. USB private network
c. tunnel private network
d. virtual private network

virtual private network

____ software can control which devices can be connected to an employee’s computer.
a. Data-leakage prevention
b. Device authentication
c. Professional firewall
d. Network quarantine

Data-leakage prevention

____ includes any acts of malicious destruction to a computer or computer resource.
a. Phishing attacks
b. Blocking attacks
c. Computer sabotage
d. Spoofing attacks

Computer sabotage

A computer that is controlled by a hacker or other computer criminal is referred to as a ____.
a. spider
b. server
c. client
d. bot


____ is a generic term that refers to any type of malicious software.
a. Spamware
b. Malware
c. Spyware
d. Badware


A computer ____ is a software program that is installed without the permission or knowledge of the computer user, that is designed to alter the
way a computer operates, and that can replicate itself to infect any new media it has access to.
a. phish
b. virus
c. bot
d. link


Like a computer virus, a ____ is a malicious program designed to cause damage.
a. computer worm
b. scam
c. phish
d. computer bug

computer worm

A ____ is a malicious program that masquerades as something else—usually as some type of application program.
a. Trojan horse
b. computer worm
c. computer insect
d. computer bug

Trojan horse

A computer ____ spreads by creating copies of its code and sending those copies to other computers via a network.
a. virus
b. software
c. worm
d. hacker


One emerging type of Trojan horse is called a ____-Access Trojan.
a. Demote
b. Remote
c. Control
d. Hacker


Antivirus programs are usually set up to automatically download new ____ from their associated Web site on a regular basis.
a. threat definitions
b. viruses
c. fraud tips
d. virus reports

threat definitions

A booming area of computer crime involves online fraud, theft, scams, and related activities collectively referred to as ____.
a. e-cons
b. e-scams
c. dot frauds
d. dot cons

dot cons

____ occurs when someone obtains enough information about a person to be able to masquerade as that person for a variety of activities—usually
to buy products or services in that person’s name.
a. Data theft
b. Information theft
c. Identity theft
d. Database theft

Identity theft

____ can be extremely distressing for victims, can take years to straighten out, and can be very expensive.
a. Spams
b. Identity theft
c. Remote access
d. Software theft

Identity theft

Phishing schemes may use a technique called ____, which is setting up spoofed Web sites with addresses slightly different from legitimate sites.
a. typosquatting
b. spamming
c. DoS attacks
d. identity theft


____ is a type of scam that uses spoofed domain names to obtain personal information for use in fraudulent activities.
a. Framing
b. Fishing
c. Pharming
d. Farming


The best protection against many dot cons is ____.
a. contacting your ISP
b. updating the operating system
c. installing an antivirus program
d. common sense

common sense

When a digitally signed document is received, the recipient’s computer uses the sender’s ____ key to verify the digital signature.
a. private
b. public
c. organizational
d. token


The green color of the Address bar in the accompanying figure indicates that the site is using a valid ____ SSL certificate.
a. EV
b. SK
c. SQL


Repeated threats or other harassment carried out online between adults is referred to as ____.
a. cyberstalking
b. computer sabotage
c. cyberterrorism
d. phishing


Our networked society has raised a number of ____ concerns.
a. privacy
b. patent
c. hardware theft
d. software quality


New security risks are revealed all the time. For instance, it was recently discovered that data from some unencrypted smart meters can be
accessed from nearly ____ away, enabling would-be burglars to monitor homes to see if they are occupied based on electricity usage within the
a. 50 feet
b. 1,000 feet
c. 100 feet
d. 2 miles

1,000 feet

Although many of us may prefer not to think about it, ____—the complete malfunction of a computer system—and other types of computerrelated
disasters do happen.
a. software piracy
b. interrupted power
c. spikes
d. system failure

system failure

To facilitate using a computer lock, nearly all computers today come with a ____—a small opening built into the system unit case designed for computer locks.
a. security slot
b. cable anchor
c. security opening
d. user lock

security slot

____ can be used to secure portable computers, external hard drives, and other portable pieces of hardware to a table or other object.
a. Surge suppressors
b. Password locks
c. Spike suppressors
d. Cable locks

Cable locks

____ systems encrypt everything stored on the drive (the operating system, application programs, data, temporary files, and so forth)
automatically without any user interaction.
a. USB
c. IDC
d. FDE


The data on the ____ USB flash drive shown in the accompanying figure cannot be accessed until the user enters the appropriate PIN.
a. encrypted
b. locked
c. registered
d. indexed


Some software tools are not designed to prevent hardware from being stolen; instead, they are designed to aid in its ____.
a. recycle
b. recovery
c. repair
d. running


____ devices are designed to withstand much more physical abuse than conventional devices.
a. Secured
b. Ruggedized
c. Malleable
d. Flexible


Laptop ____ protect portable computers from scratches and other damage when they are carried in a conventional briefcase or bag.
a. pads
b. sleeves
c. pillows
d. cushions


____ are designed to withstand falls from three feet or more onto concrete, extreme temperature ranges, wet conditions, and use while being
bounced around over rough terrain in a vehicle.
a. Malleable
b. Rugged
c. Semirugged
d. Flexible


Users who want their desktop computers to remain powered up when the electricity goes off should use a(n) ____, as shown in the
accompanying figure.
a. UPS
b. surge suppressor
c. voltage controller
d. voltage meter


Organizations should have a _____ for their computer systems.
a. alpha protocol
b. survival policy
c. contingency rule
d. disaster recovery plan

disaster recovery plan

Creating a ____ means making a duplicate copy of important files so that when a problem occurs, you can restore those files using the copy.
a. mirror
b. hotspot
c. hot file
d. backup


A(n) ____ is an alternate location equipped with the computers, cabling, desks, and other equipment necessary to keep a business’s operations
a. buddy site
b. alternate pad
c. hot site
d. white room

hot site

To prevent the counterfeiting of U.S. currency, the Treasury Department releases new currency designs every ____.
a. 7 to 10 years
b. 10 years
c. 10 to 12 years
d. 12 years

7 to 10 years

The term ____ refers to the rights of individuals and companies to control how information about them is collected and used.
a. information privacy
b. information security
c. information piracy
d. digital Counterfeiting

information piracy

____ are used for marketing purposes, such as sending advertisements that fit each individual’s interests or trying to sign people up over the
phone for some type of service.
a. Government databases
b. Marketing databases
c. Educational databases
d. Research databases

Marketing databases

A marketing activity that can be considered a privacy risk is ____.
a. security threads
b. watermarking
c. electronic profiling
d. microprinting

electronic profiling

Collecting in-depth information about an individual is known as ____.
a. personal databasing
b. identity theft
c. information piracy
d. electronic profiling

electronic profiling

Most businesses and Web sites that collect personal information have a(n) ____ that discloses how the personal information you provide will
be used.
a. piracy policy
b. security policy
c. identity policy
d. privacy policy

privacy policy

For online shopping, signing up for free offers, discussion groups, product registration, and other activities that typically lead to junk e-mail,
use a disposable or ____.
a. junkie e-mail address
b. throw-away e-mail address
c. one-use e-mail address
d. second-hand e-mail address

throw-away e-mail address

One common way to deal with spam that makes it to your computer is to use a(n) ____.
a. e-mail filter
b. spam e-mail address
c. encryption scheme
d. hot site

e-mail filter

By ____, you instruct companies you do business with that they cannot share your personal data with third parties.
a. signing piracy agreements
b. opting out
c. contracting legal help
d. e-mailing them

opting out

To ____ means to request that you be included in marketing activities or that your information be shared with other companies.
a. filter
b. opt in
c. opt out
d. share accept

opt in

____ is used specifically for the purpose of recording keystrokes.
a. Surveillance logger
b. Key logger
c. Type logger
d. Log monitor

Key logger

____ is the use of video cameras to monitor activities of individuals, such as employees or individuals in public locations, for work-related or crime-prevention purposes.
a. Computer monitoring
b. Computer surveillance
c. Multimedia surveillance
d. Video surveillance

Video surveillance

____ cameras are increasingly being installed in schools in the United States and other countries to enable administrators to monitor both
teacher and student activities.
a. Computer monitoring
b. Computer surveillance
c. Multimedia surveillance
d. Video surveillance

Video surveillance

____ refers to companies recording or observing the actions of employees while on the job.
a. Computer monitoring
b. Video surveillance
c. Employee monitoring
d. Identity theft

Employee monitoring

For monitoring the physical locations of employees, video cameras can be used, but another possibility is the use of ____.
a. proximity cards
b. presence technology
c. face recognition
d. video cards

proximity cards

____ refers to the ability of one computing device (a desktop computer, portable computer, or smartphone, for example) on a network (such as the Internet or a mobile phone network) to identify another device on the same network and determine its status.
a. Presence technology
b. Computer monitoring
c. Digital surveillance
d. Detection technology

Presence technology

______ programs can be used to detect and remove some types of illegal computer monitoring and spyware software.
a. Antivirus software
b. Antispyware software
c. Antispoof software
d. Antiphish software

Antispyware software

The ____ implements regulations for unsolicited e-mail messages and lays the groundwork for a federal Do Not E-Mail Registry.
a. Sarbanes-Oxley Act
b. USA Patriot Act
c. CAN-SPAM act
d. Junk Fax Prevention Act


The availability of high-quality, full-color imaging products (such as scanners, color printers, and color copiers) has made _________ easier and less costly than in the recent past.
a. software piracy
b. digital counterfeiting
c. hardware theft
d. spam

digital counterfeiting

Use a _____ to protect your computer from lightning strikes when it is plugged in.
a. UPS
b. surge suppressor
c. voltage controller
d. voltage meter

surge suppressor

One of their clients has very sensitive data and they are less concerned about recovering any stolen computer than ensuring that the data located on the computer is not compromised. Which of the following technologies would be useful in this case?
a. kill switch hard drives
b. surge suppressors
c. DataDots
d. keylogging software

kill switch hard drives

Another client owns a large number of expensive electronic devices and would like to be able to recover them in case of theft. IBF advises her
to attach ____ to these devices.
a. kill switches
b. surge suppressors
c. asset tags
d. keyloggers

asset tags

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