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Which of the following statements about e-mail use in the workplace is most accurate?

The growing demand for information in the workplace has led to an increased use of e-mail among all U.S. workers.

Routine e-mail messages and memos

have only one topic that is informative and provides direction.

Which of the following statements about Phase 3 of the writing process is correct?

The writer of an e-mail should plan for feedback to ensure that the message is successful.

As you compose a business document, you should

use white space to separate short paragraphs

Office Manager Brian Wells needs feedback from his employees. To improve feedback, which of the following sentences should he include in his e-mail?

Are you comfortable with these suggestions?

Which of the following messages is appropriate to send via e-mail?

an announcement of a change in a meeting date

Elena is sending an e-mail message about an important upcoming meeting. Which of the following represents the most effective subject line?

Please Attend Staff Meeting August 15

Most e-mails and memos should use frontloading, which means that

the main idea is revealed immediately

Alesia is sending an e-mail message about an important upcoming meeting. Which of the following represents the most effective direct opening?

Please attend the all-staff meeting on August 15 to discuss the proposal for increased business hours and pay differentials for weekend work.

Which of the following is the best advice for writing e-mail messages and memos?

To help the receiver act on the subject, discuss only one idea.

Your memos should have high skim value, which means

information presented is easy to read and comprehend.

Adding headings to organize information within a memo or e-mail can

add visual impact and improve readability by seperating major ideas from details

In addition to using a vertical list or headings to improve readability, you can use which of the following to focus attention or enhance comprehension?

All answers are correct

Generally, the body of an e-mail message or memo could close with action information, needed dates, a summary, or a

closing thought

Which of the following is the most appropriate closing for an e-mail message or memo?

Please submit your report by August 1 so that the information can be presented at the seminar.

Which of the following is NOT a guide word used in e-mail messages and memos?


Good e-mail messages generally

discuss only one topic

What is the best advice for formatting hard-copy memos?

Double-space and type in all caps the guide words.

Which of the following situations is most appropriate for sending an e-mail message?

Melissa must send the monthly sales data to her department.

Good advice for e-mail is to use the "top-of-screen" test, which means

conveying your purpose in the subject line and first paragraph

E-mail produces a permanent record, so workers should follow which of these recommendations?

Care about tone, correctness, and conciseness to create messages with the reader in mind.

The term netiquette refers to the

rules of polite online interaction

Your primary function in an information or procedure e-mail or memo is to

explain the idea clearly so that no further explanation is necessary

Which of the following is an effective statement for an information or procedure e-mail or memo?

Smokers may use the smoking area outside the north entrance as part of our smoke-free workplace policy.

Which of the following is the best closing for an information request?

Please send me your responses before the November 15 board meeting to select the service provider.

When writing a procedure memo, you should use what type of list to identify the steps in the procedure?

numbered lists

What are unsolicited fax and e-mail messages called?


To, From, Date, and Subject in an e-mail message or a memo are called

guide words

Writing an email message in all capital letters may suggest to the receiver that the writer is


Using bullets, numbers, and parallel form for listing information provides what type of value to your message?

high skim value

In emails and memos, an informative subject line is mandatory. Why?

all of the above

E-mails have become:

all of the above

The writing plan for information and procedure e-mail messages and memos should contain

subject line, opening, body, and closing

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