BA3350 Business Communication CH2 Quiz

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Asking oneself how certain emotions alter or distort one’s thinking helps improve


Which of the following is characteristic of learner mind-sets?

viewing differences of opinion as normal

Which of the following employees is most likely to have a blue motivational value system?

Therese gets annoyed when she perceives that people don’t take work seriously.

What term is used for events that cause strong, often negative, emotional responses?


Which of the following employees is acting with incivility?

Scott usually greets female colleagues by saying, "Hello there, girls."

In tense and emotionally charged situations, it is important to

hold judgment.

What is sight-reading?

intelligent observation of nonverbal communication

Which of the following is a strength of introverts?

asking thoughtful, important questions

Which of the following is a funnel question?

Now that we know we want to reduce the company budget, what subcategories should we consider?

_____ involves favorable explanations for why others have behaved in a certain way.

Mitigating information

Frank is having difficulty hearing the point his coworker is making because of loud hammering outside the window. What type of noise is Frank experiencing?


Which of the following is a sign of a person paying attention?

a nod to indicate acknowledgement

______ is a show of respect for the dignity and importance of others.


Why does emotional hijacking occur?

People have a high emotional intelligence, which makes them less emotional.

Which of the following employees is most likely to be a hub?

Cho works at coordinating the efforts of the whole team.

Matt and LaRita grew up in communities that view authority in very different ways, so they have difficulty understanding each other at times. The problem is being caused primarily because of

a filter of lifetime experiences.

On the day after her boyfriend broke up with her, Candace found out at work that someone else received the promotion she was hoping to get. Instead of asking her manager what she could do to improve her chances in the future, she raged about how unfair life is. What did Candace experience?

emotional hijacking

Which of the following is most likely to be true about the people who exhibit high self-management?

They spend a higher percentage of work conversations on work-related topics.

Which of the following employees is most likely to be an extrovert?

Len meets everyone in the department by his third day on the job.

When you are trying to read another person’s nonverbal clues, which of the following should you focus on the most?

the eyes

In the interpersonal communication process, the messages exchanged are

simultaneous and mutual.

What are probing questions?

Probing questions are intended to analyze a business problem from every angle in order to uncover its root causes.

Which of the following is a solution-oriented question?

How can we reduce our expenses for office supplies to meet our budget goals?

People who speak out constructively about differences of opinion are most likely to have

high relationship management skills.

What is the process of interpreting messages from others into meaning?


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