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What is the advantage of placing a clear statement of the business problem at the beginning of a report?

It helps establish the purpose and value of the report.

Which of the following raises the credibility of a report?

supplying the facts with precision

Which of the following components of a formal report falls into the category of "back matter"?

a reference list

Which of the following statements about cover pages is true?

A cover page is generally the most emphasized aspect of the document design.

The purpose of an executive summary is to

represent briefly the most important elements of your report, including key findings and conclusions.

The best way to avoid plagiarism on a documentwide level is by

supplying your own original ideas, conclusions, and recommendations.

Which of the following should be provided throughout a document to indicate the information you have drawn from other sources?


To avoid plagiarism on a sentence and paragraph level, writers should

document all references to the ideas of others.

Jamie has finished writing her business report. Before she submits it officially, she should

try to get others’ perspectives on it first.

Which of the following components in a formal report falls into the category of "front matter"?


How long should an executive summary be for a 35-page report?

two pages

The primary purpose of including tables and charts in a business report is to

support the story line that you have established for your report.

You should use direct quotations when

the quotation emphasizes the credibility of the original speaker or writer.

Petra is an efficiency consultant. QuikPro Manufacturing has contacted her about improving its assembly line. Petra submits a document that analyzes the causes of the problem, outlines a way to address the issue, estimates the costs of the changes, and provides a timeline for the work. What has Petra submitted to QuikPro?

a business proposal

If a business professional wants to increase credibility, what primary goal should he or she adopt when writing business reports?

improving decision making

Which of the following is a likely effect of providing a well-designed table of contents?

It creates the impression that you are organized

Which of the following is an advantage of including bulleting and enumerated lists in a report?

They help readers rapidly process and group dense information.

Which of the following statements about paraphrasing is true?

Paraphrasing significantly alters the original words and sentence structure.

Your report is essentially plagiarized if

the majority of ideas in your report are based on just one or two sources.

Which of the following aspects of writing business reports relates to the component of credibility known as competence?

providing facts that help decision makers

Which statement is a helpful guideline to use in creating business reports?

Business reports should project objectivity first and positivity second.

Most business proposals deal with

decisions about allocating resources.

Which of the following is an advantage of documenting your research sources?

It displays your thorough, detail-oriented approach.

Which of the following is most likely to be included in an appendix?

financial statements and marketing materials

To use another person’s ideas and pass them off as one’s own is known as


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