Atmospheric Pollution- Practice

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What are some possible sources of air pollution?

Air pollution occur naturally or as a result of human activity. Volcanoes are an example of a natural cause of air pollution. Combustion of fuels for power generation, industrial activity, and exhaust from motor vehicles are all additional sources of air pollution.

Which two layers of the atmosphere are responsible for the majority of solar radiation absorption?

The stratosphere and thermosphere.

Which of the following groups of people would be the least affected by air pollution?


The ozone layer is located in the _______.


Soot results from burning organic compounds. Soot is an example of _______.

A primary pollutant.

Carbon monoxide is a common atmospheric pollutant.


Explain why components that are naturally found in air can be considered air pollutants.

Components of air, like carbon dioxide, can be considered pollutants when human activity causes their concentration to be larger than normal. At higher concentrations, naturally occurring gases can have undesirable consequences on the environment. High levels of carbon dioxide can cause an increase in Earth’s temperature.

How are the troposphere, stratosphere, and thermosphere important for supporting life on Earth? Which layer of the atmosphere is likely the most important for life on Earth?

The troposphere contains 75% of the atmospheric mass as well as the oxygen and carbon dioxide plants and animals need to survive. The stratosphere’s ozone layer absorbs ultraviolet radiation which is harmful to living organisms. The thermosphere absorbs solar radiation and helps to regulate the Earth’s temperature. All layers of the atmosphere are important for supporting life on the Earth, but the troposphere is the most important as it provides organisms with the air they breathe..

Compare primary and secondary pollutants. Which is more harmful?

Primary pollutants are pollutants that are directly emitted from a pollution source. Secondary pollutants are created as a result of interaction in the atmosphere of primary pollutants. Primary pollutants can be as harmful as secondary pollutants.

What is a possible long-term effect of continued exposure to air pollution?

Some possible long-term effects of continued exposure to air pollution are emphysema, lung cancer, heart diseases, and eventual death.

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