Astronomy 101 Ch 10

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Which of the following correctly describes the meaning of albedo?

The higher the albedo, the more light the surface reflects, and the less it absorbs

Which of the following planets has the least substantial atmosphere?


Why does Venus have such a great difference in temperature between its "no atmosphere" temperature and its actual temperature?

It has a large amount of greenhouse gases in its atmosphere

Earth’s stratosphere is heated primarily by which process?

Absorption of ultraviolet radiation by ozone.

What are greenhouse gases?

gases that absorb infrared light

X rays from the Sun’s corona?

are absorbed in Earth’s thermosphere.

The proper order of the layers of a generic atmosphere from lowest altitude to highest is?

troposphere, stratosphere, thermosphere, exosphere

What is the thermosphere?

the part of the atmosphere that absorbs X rays

Which of the following planets has an exosphere?

Venus, Mars, Earth, and Mercury/ All of the above

What is the troposphere?

the lowest layer in the atmosphere

Ultraviolet light is absorbed in the?


The sky is blue because?

molecules scatter blue light more effectively than red light.

Convection occurs in the troposphere but not in the stratosphere because?

lower altitudes of the troposphere are warmer than higher altitudes, unlike in the stratosphere.

There are no aurora on Venus because it?

lacks a strong magnetic field

How is the atmosphere of a planet affected by the rotation rate?

Faster rotation rates produce stronger winds

The strength of the Coriolis effect depends on?

a planet’s size and rotation rate.

Venus has a high albedo (reflectivity) because its surface is covered by?


Which of the following best describes rain on Venus?

It has sulfuric acid rain in its atmosphere, but the drops evaporate before hitting the surface.

Where is most of the water on Mars?

in its polar caps and subsurface ground ice

What is the main reason mountaintops are so cold?

Mountaintops are above much of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere

The atmosphere on Mercury is due to?


Venus may have started with an ocean’s worth of water. Where is its water now?

The water was lost when ultraviolet light broke apart water molecules and the hydrogen escaped to space.

Which of the following is not a product of outgassing?


Why does the burning of fossil fuels increase the greenhouse effect on Earth?

Burning releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere

Of the four gases CO2, H2O, N2, and O2, which are greenhouse gases?

CO2 and H2O

What are oxidation reactions?

reactions that remove oxygen from the atmosphere, such as fire and rust

If Earth were to warm up a bit, what would happen?

Carbonate materials would form in the oceans more rapidly, the atmospheric CO2 content would decrease, and the greenhouse effect would weaken slowly over time.

Geological evidence points to a history of extended ice ages in Earth’s history. How did Earth recover from this snowball phase?

Volcanoes continued to inject CO2 into Earth’s atmosphere, increasing the greenhouse effect to the point where ice melted

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