Assignment 8- Minerals and Body Fluids

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____ makes up about 60 percent of the body’s weight.


Water assists in: (2)

1. temperature regulation 2. shock absorption

What are 4 characteristics of water? (4)

1. Its molecules resist being crowded together. 2. It dissolves amino acids, glucose, and minerals. 3. It is nearly a universal solvent. 4. It acts as a lubricant around joints.

____ and ____ ____ help prevent changes in the acid-base balance of body fluids.

protein and mineral salts

The first sign of dehydration is ____.


What would you look for on the label of bottles water to signify safety?

a trademark of the International Bottled Water Association

What word describes the fluoride content of most bottled water the best?


____ is the most abundant mineral in the body.


Major roles of calcium in the body’s fluids include: (3)

1. regulates the transport of ions across cell membranes 2. is essential for the clotting of blood 3. is essential for muscle contraction

The chief ion used to maintain the volume of fluid outside cells is ____.


Over half of the body’s magnesium is stored in the ____.


The more processed a food, the more ______ it contains and the less _____ it contains.

sodium, potassium

____ is the principal positively charged ion inside body cells.


The principal food source of chloride is ____.


____ must be available for thyroxine to be synthesized.


Sulfate is adequate in a diet that contains sufficient ____.


You would consume ____ and ____, ____, or _____ with a food source of iron in order to facilitate iron absorption.

tomato and meat, fish, or poultry

What food provides the highest amount of zinc?


You are working with a child in a health clinic who has growth retardation, impaired immunity, and a poor appetite. This child is most likely experiencing _________ deficiency.


Low blood selenium correlates with development of ____ ____.

prostate cancer

Chromium enhances the activity of ____.


____ stabilizes bones and makes teeth resistant to decay.


____, ____, and ____ ____ would be the best selection to provide good sources of calcium in the diet.

milk, yogurt, and ice milk

Your best friend complains that she is tired all of the time and has a problem concentrating. In addition, she likes to chew ice. What deficiency does your friend likely have?

iron deficiency

The bones begin to lose density after 40 years of age regardless of calcium intake. (T/F)


The DASH diet is more effective in reducing blood pressure than just decreasing sodium alone because it includes the guideline to:

greatly increase intakes of fruits and vegetables

When trying to get adequate iron intake in your diet, it is helpful to:

combine vitamin C foods with non-heme iron to increase absorption

If a person has a deficient intake of calcium in the diet, what will be the result? (3)

1. The intestines increase calcium absorption. 2. The bones release more calcium into the blood. 3. The kidneys prevent calcium loss in the urine.

Many people today are drinking bottled water; they believe it is safer than tap water, because the water’s mineral content is listed on the bottle label. (T/F)


Is there a possibility of harm to the body in healthy people with high intakes of iron? (YES or NO? WHY?)

no, because the body adjusts the amount of iron absorbed

Magnesium is an important mineral that works with calcium in the body to:

help relax muscles

When a child has a virus that has caused vomiting and diarrhea over several days’ time, it is critical for her to receive medical care because:

she may need help in replacing extreme fluid losses

Phosphorous is critical to the acid-base balance in cells because of its role in:

creating buffers to maintain the correct pH

When you eat pizza, the body will respond to the high sodium intake in the ingredients by:

turning on the thirst signal to increase additional intake of fluid

What is currently known about fluoride in drinking water supplies?

Dental decay is common in communities where fluoride is lacking in the water.

Selenium works as an antioxidant to protect body chemicals from oxidative damage. (T/F)


What would you tell someone who is considering taking chromium supplements?

Chromium supplements may improve glucose or insulin response in diabetics.

A young woman wanting to build maximum bone density should not reduce her sodium intake, but she should: (3)

1. adopt a high-protein diet 2. limit her intake of regular cola drinks 3. participate in regular weight-bearing exercise

Statement about calcium supplements for bone health: Calcium from calcium-rich mineral waters appears to be highly absorbed. (T/F)


Osteoporosis is most often associated with ____.


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