Article II The Presidnecy

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An important duty of the president is

addressing Congress.

Article II of the Constitution defines the roles of

the president and the vice president.

The president signing a trade agreement with China is an example of

making a treaty.

Which statement best explains why the Constitution limits the power of the executive branch?

The Constitution limits the executive branch to keep the president from becoming too powerful.

Which is an example of a presidential power that has no clear limitation?

granting pardons

Under Article II of the Constitution, the president needs to be at least

thirty-five years old.

As commander in chief, the president has the power to

lead the military.

A qualification for president under Article II of the Constitution is

being born in the United States.

During the State of the Union address, the president is required to report to

members of Congress.

According to the Constitution, the amount of time the president and vice president serve in office together for one term is

four years.

Who would the president most likely appoint to offer advice about national defense?

a cabinet member

A limitation on the president’s power to appoint ambassadors is that

the Senate must approve them.

Which best explains how the president selects a justice for the Supreme Court?

The president selects a judge whom he considers the most qualified and will most likely support his agenda.

A general limitation on the power of the president is

the possibility of impeachment.

Article II of the Constitution states that the president is also

commander in chief.

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