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Yong Soon Min’s "Dwelling" is an assemblage that attempts to express the artist’s:

a. reaction to the Gulf War.
b. sentiment of joy about motherhood.
c. longing for the beauty of the natural world.
d. feelings of a divided self.

d. feelings of a divided self.

The symbolic meaning of visual signs and imagery in a work of art is:

a. aesthetics
b. iconography
c. content.
d. form.

b. iconography

A mixed-media artwork is made:

a. with different materials.
b. by assimilating diverse influences.
c. using more than one style.
d. by a team of several artists.

a. with different materials.

Sabatino "Simon" Rodia could be classified as an outsider artist because of his

a. lack of awareness of art history.
b. preference for working on a large scale.
c. use of discarded materials.
d. refusal to work in a representational manner.

a. lack of awareness of art history.

Which of the following is used to describe an elevated awareness of beauty in the viewer?

a. perception
b. idealism
c. medium
d. aesthetics

d. aesthetics

Francisco Goya’s print "I Saw This" was intended as a commentary on:

a. race
b. war
c. religion
d. gender

b. war

Which artist wanted viewers to see the natural rhythms present in a flower?

a. Georgia O’Keeffe
b. Constantine Brancusi
c. Jean-Michel Basquiat
d. Nancy Graves

a. Georgia O’Keefe

In "Her Secret Is Patience", Janet Echelman used:

a. fiber, steel, and lights
b. grass, plants, and flowers.
c. glass and copper.
d. wood and plastic.

a. fiber, steel, and lights

Chaz Maviyane-Davies’s "Global Warning" is an example of art as a vehicle for:

a. communicating information.
b. delight.
c. personal expression.
d. social causes.

d. social causes.

Figurative art is a type of

a. folk art.
b. nonrepresentational art.
c. abstract art.
d. representational art.

d. representational art.

Which artist is known for making a modified Citroen DS car?

a. Pierre Patel
b. Gabriel Orozco
c. Beatrice Wood
d. Benjamin West

b. Gabriel Orozco

The first-century sculpture "Augustus of Prima Porta" and the fourteenth-century painting "Effects of Good Government in the City" both exemplify the function of art:

a. as self-expression.
b. for commemoration.
c. for ritual.
d. for persuasion.

d. for persuasion.

Identify the six functions that art fulfills.

Delight Commentary Worship Commemoration Persuasion Self Expression

In an artwork, the total effect of the combined visual qualities is known as the:

a. content
b. form.
c. message.
d. shape.

b. form.

Romare Beaden’s Rocket to the Moon is an example of

a. an outsider artwork.
b. a nonobjective artwork.
c. a photomontage.
d. a retablo.

c. a photomontage.

The Taj Mahal was intended to function as a

a. temple.
b. mosque.
c. tomb.
d. shrine.

c. tomb.

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