Art History- Early Medieval Art [Quiz]

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What decorative features were used on the prow of the Oseberg ship?

A serpent head, and carved intertwined animals.

What were the "gripping beasts?"

The carve intertwined animals on the bow and stern.

The Vikings were seamen from which of the following countries?

All of the above.

What part of a ship is the prow?

The most forward part of a ship’s bow.

The Stave Church in Borgund, Norway is an example of _________________.

Timber architecture.

Which of the following is a traditional type of Scandinavian architecture?

Horizontal log construction.

Which of the following were the Vikings known for?

The only fighters across Europe to use an axe in battle.

Which of these churches, pictured above, is an example of Ottonian architecture?

The church of Saint Cyriakus.

Of what materials were Viking helmets made?

Tight-fitting leather or metal.

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