Art History- Chapter Quiz 5

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Lascaux’s images probably had a(n) ____ purpose linked to nature’s bounty.

D. ritual

A. religious B. political C. practical D. ritual

Prehistoric artists painted images in the ____ of the caves.

B. back

A. front B. back C. shelter D. outside

Australian Aboriginals painted "contour maps" indicating food and water locations; these maps were then ____ after a ritual celebration.

C. destroyed

A. hidden B. preserved C. destroyed D. painted over

Coe’s There Is No Escape is from a series condemning the meat industry called ____.

D. Porkopolis

A. Slaughterhouse Five B. Animal Farm C. Beefopolis D. Porkopolis

The ancient Chinese made ____ vessels for storing wine.

B. bronze

A. clay B. bronze C. brass D. ceramic

As its name suggests, the ancient Greek ____ was used for carrying and storing water.

A. hydria

A. hydria B. hydrant C. fountainhead D. vase

The Pomo tribal baskets, covered with feathers and shells, were made as ceremonial ____.

C. gifts

A. hope chests B. jewelry C. gifts D. offerings

Warhol’s work, such as Heinz 57 Tomato Ketchup, celebrated the commercial art of ____.

D. packaging

A. advertising B. illustrating C. food manufacturing D. packaging

Salt was considered so valuable that it was a source of wealth; the European nobility used elaborate saltcellars as a ____ .

B. status symbol

A. source of trade B. status symbol C. ritual object D.weapon

Jan Davidsz de Heem’s A Table of Desserts reflects cultural and ____ beliefs.

C. religious

A. political B. philosophical C. religious D. economic

Mu Qi’s Six Persimmons emphasizes ____ in life.

C. meditation and simplicity

A. the importance of food B. the beauty of fruit C. meditation and simplicity D. the keys to regularity

An important component of European still life painting was the idea of ____.

B. food as vanitas

A. food as sustenance B. food as vanitas C. food as innovation D. food as beauty

In the early twentieth century, still life paintings were NOT concerned with ____.

A. food as sustenance

A. food as sustenance B. food as a political statement C. food as opulence D. food as honor

Ritual meals do NOT include ____.

D. Sunday brunch

A. religious holidays B. potlatches C. Japanese tea ceremonies D. Sunday brunch

The House of Julius Polybius had a front atrium with a pool, called the____ , for collecting rainwater.

C. impluvium

A. calathus B. taberna C. impluvium D. acanthus

Examples of ancient communities in which homes were close together in the same style include Çatal Hüyük and ____.

B. Pueblo Bonito

A. Lascaux B. Pueblo Bonito C. Habitat D. Villa Rotonda

Trajan’s Market has tabernas whose form and arrangement suggests a ____.

D. shopping mall

A. multistoried skyscraper B. Navajo pueblo C. kiva D. shopping mall

In this composition, ____ suggests the balance of the cosmos and the ancestors, providing sustenance for humans. (image looks like an X)

B. summetry

A. texture B. symmetry C. rhythm D. color

This artwork is an example of a(n) ____ painting.

A. Aboriginal contour map

A. Aboriginal contour map B. Neolithic rock painting C. Banaman chi wara D. Native American potlach

The function of this painting is to show food as ____. (Image of a messing table with food)

A. beautiful

A. beautiful B. plentiful and nourishing C. a health hazard D. a popular icon

The architect ____, who designed one of the first innovative tall buildings of the twentieth century, believed that "form follows function" in architecture.

B. Louis Sullivan

A. R. Buckminster Fuller B. Louis Sullivan C. CHOICE BLANK D. Frank Lloyd Wright E. M. Pei

Greek ceramics are known for ____ painting, in which a thin coating of black-firing clay covers the red clay of the vessel and details are scratched into the surface with a needle.

D. black figure

A. tempera B. charcoal C. red figure D. black figure

A ____ is a vessel designed specifically to contain salt.

A. saltcellar

A. saltcellar B. hydria C. vase D. ting

The Pop artist ____ created sculptures that look like mass-produced cardboard packaging for common grocery store items using silk-screened wood.

D. Andy Warhol

A. Sue Coe B. Wayne Thiebaud C. Judy Chicago D. Andy Warhol

Paintings reflecting the beliefs of ____, such as Mu-Qi’s Six Persimmons from 1269, emphasize the importance of simplicity and meditation in life.

B. Zen Buddhism

A. Hinduism B. Zen Buddhism C. Islam D. Christianity

A ____ painting is a work of art, which uses a still life as a metaphor for the inevitability of death.

B. vanitas

A. landscape B. vanitas C. genre D. ritual

The Native American ____ was originally a small tent used during the hunting season.

C. tipi

A. toba batak B. yurt C. tipi D. goahti

The concrete ____ of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater show substantial influence from Japanese and Chinese architecture.

A. cantilevers

A. cantilevers B. buttresses C. brackets D. trusses

Twentieth-century skyscrapers, devoid of ornamentation, are examples of the ____ style in architecture.

A. International

A. International B. Deconstructivist C. Neoclassical D. Postmodern

The Lascaux cave paintings, in southern France, were done from memory and focus on animals’ energy and movements.


The ancient Chinese made bronze vessels called hydrias for storing liquids, such as ritual wine.


In most contemporary industrial societies, few people hunt and process the meat they eat.


Because water is essential for survival, various cultures have developed inventive systems for storing liquids using a variety of materials, including clay, leather, wood, and straw.


Men from Northwest Native American tribes excelled at weaving symbolic, geometric patterns into their baskets.


The elaborate baskets woven by people from the Pomo tribe in California were strictly used for ritual purposes.


The use of the still life as a subject matter was an important vehicle for abstraction for early twentieth century American artists.


The earliest examples of domestic architecture feature group living.


Due to their technological innovations in structural engineering, by the first century CE, average Romans lived in heated apartment buildings with functional sewer systems.


In most cultures, symbolic meaning is frequently attached to public buildings but rarely associated with individual homes.


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