Art History- Chapter 3 Quiz

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The various branches of art-making, like painting or sculpture, are called…

D. disciplines

A. media B. avante-guard C. museology D. disciplines

A graphite rod in a wood or metal holder is called…

A. a pencil

A. a pencil B. charcoal C. a conte crayon D. silverpoint

The surface or material that underlies a two-dimensional work of art is called the…

C. support

A. slip B. plate C. support D. pigment

A silverpoint drawing is…

D. made by using a think stylus made of silver

A. made by using metallic-colored chalks or pastels B. a drawing of an exotic bird found largely in Indonesia C. a preliminary sketch for a relief print D. made by using a thin stylus made of silver

In ____ printing, areas that are not to be printed are cut away from the printing surface, so the areas to be printed are left higher.

B. relief

A. drypoint B. relief C. screen D. monotype

A(n) ____ print is an example of a relief print.

A. woodblock

A. woodblock B. intaglio C. serigraphy D. lithography

The word "intaglio" comes from the Italian verb meaning ____.

C. to cut into

A. to add to B. to make colorful C. to cut into D. to throw away

____ is a type of printmaking process that uses a slab of limestone or metal and oily crayons, pencils, or liquid.

A. Lithography

A.Lithography B. Drypoint C. Serigraphy D. Aquatint

Some of the oldest surviving paintings were made on ____.

B. clay vessels

A. earthen floors B. clay vessels C. large wooden D. boats

Tempera paint is often used to create ____.

C. sharp lines and details

A. thin, translucent glazes of color B. heavily textured impasto surfaces C. sharp lines and details D. complex tonal variations in color

____ sculptures are meant to be viewed from all sides.

B. Freestanding

A. Bas relief B. Freestanding C. Assemblage D. Haute relief

A marble sculpture made by cutting away stone is made in a ____ process.

D. subtractive

A. additive B. constructed C. haute relief D. subtractive

Except for very small sculptures, all cast sculptures are created using the ____ method of casting.

B. Lost wax

A. subtractive B. lost wax C. bronze D. mixed media

The ____ is an early type of photographic process.

A. daguerreotype

A. daguerreotype B. cire perdue C. photomontage D. stereoscope

The actual material substances used to create an artwork are called ____.

D. media

A. gesso B. intaglio C. monotype D. media

____ is a carbon stick created from burnt wood and is commonly used to make drawings.

B. Charcoal

A.Chalk B. Charcoal C. Pastel D. Silverpoint

The intense colorful powders used to make paints are called ____ .

C. pigments

A. temperas B. oils C. pigments D. encaustics

____ painting is an ancient medium that uses pigments mixed with hot beeswax.

A. Encaustic

A. Encaustic B. Gouache C. Tempera D. Fresco

____ paints, a combination of pigments and a synthetic polymer liquid binder, were invented in the twentieth century.

A. Acrylic

A. Acrylic B. Encaustic C. Gouache D. Tempera

Often used for large murals, fresco paintings are always painted on ____.

D. plaster

A. paper B. linen C. canvas D. plaster

Traditional tempera paint consists of pigments mixed with ____, which acts as a binder.

C. egg yolk

A. wax B. acrylic C. egg yolk D. glue

Photomontage is related to ____ , which can be made of almost anything that can be glued to a surface.

B. collage

A. monotype B. collage C. daguerreotypes D. encaustic

In kinetic sculptures, ____ is required to make the sculpture complete.

B. movement

A. relief B. movement C. sound D. performance

Modeling is often considered a(n) ____ process, because material is built up to create sculptural form.

D. additive

A. low relief B. high relief C. subtractive D. additive

An assembled artwork made with a variety of techniques and materials is categorized as a ____ piece.

C. mixed media

A. collage B. performance C. mixed media D. gesso

Mixed media artworks designed for a specific interior or exterior space are called ____.

A. installations

A. installations B. performances C. collages D. assemblages

A/an ____ is a live-action event that is staged as an artwork.

B. performance

A. installation B. performance C. assemblage D. relief

____ are finely skilled handwork in media such as ceramics, glass, wood, metal, and fibers.

A. crafts

A. crafts B. relifs C. intaglios D. monotypes

Gesso is a white, paint-like substance that is brushed onto paper or canvas to serve as a ground for painting or drawing.


From a historical art perspective, drawing is one of the newest forms of art making.


Printmaking excludes any medium that can produce multiple copies of an image or a design.


Unlike most printmaking processes, monoprinting is a type of printmaking that makes only one copy of an image.


Slip is an acid-resistant resin used to make aquatints.


Tempera, gouache, and watercolor are all water-based paint media.


Because oil paints dry quickly, it is difficult for artists to make changes to their paintings.


Gouache is a type of watercolor, which has Chinese white chalk added to it to create an opaque surface.


Ceramics are found in almost every culture, from ancient times to the present.


Some contemporary artists use the craft of quilting as an art medium.


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