Art History Ch 6

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Most architectural sculpture was made to decorate what part of the Etruscan temple?

the roof

How were Etruscan cemeteries arranged?

They were arranged around a center pyramid

Unlike Greek temples, Etruscan temples were not meant to be seen as sculptural masses. Which of the following architectural elements would this?

The entrance was centered at the front of the structure

Terracotta sarcophagi showing life-sized reclining figures are most typical of which of the following centuries?

6th Century BCE

In Etruscan iconography, which of the following symbolized regeneration?


Which of the following works of art illustrates how Romanized the Etruscans became in the 1st century BCE?

Aule Metele

The Etruscan temple differed from the Greek temple because it had which of the following?

three cellas

Etruscan artisans particularly excelled at which of the following?


Which of the following describes Etruscan art?

it was a combination of motion and vitality

The banquet setting seen in the Tomb of the Leopards takes place in which of the following settings?

the open air

The Etruscans became citizens of which of the following in the first century BCE?


The Apulu of Veii is made of which of the following materials?


Which century marks the incorporation of Etruria into the Roman Empire?

1st century BCE

The wide overhang roof of the Etruscan temple could function as which of the following?

a place of shelter

The Etruscans preferred which of the following materials for sculpture?


The independent spirit and relative freedom Etruscan women enjoyed horrified which of the following?

Greco-Roman male authors

The Etruscans preferred what building material(s) for their temples?

wood and mudbrick

Which type of Etruscan funerary monument had no parallel in Greece?

monumental sarcophagi

The theme celebrated in both the Tomb of the Leopards and the Tomb of Hunting and Fishing is which of the following?

the joy of life

How did the Etruscans typically bury their dead?

in subterranean rooms arranged along a network of streets in a city of the dead

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