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The drawings from Ardèche Gorge are located in

Chauvet cave

The figures from the Abu Temple represent worshippers from the complex society of?


Nike of Samothrace is an outstanding example of?

Hellenistic realism.

Sanchi, India has one of the earliest surviving examples of?

a stupa.

The She-Wolf, later adopted by Romans as a symbol of their civilization, was, until recently, thought to have been made by which culture?

the Etruscans

The colossal head found in La Venta, Mexico was created by the which culture?

the Olmecs

Like much of Egyptian art, the statue of King Khafre shows?

rigorous geometry.

The "Toreador" fresco was created by which culture?

the Minoans

Found in Austria, the Venus of Willendorf is most likely a?

fertility figure

The word Neolithic means?

New Stone Age.

Egyptian culture was dedicated to providing a home for what?

the ka

Neolithic culture developed quickly in the world’s fertile valleys. By 4000 BCE, urban societies had developed in?

Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Construction of the Acropolis in Athens began about 450 BCE under the leadership of?


According to Buddhism, the release from worldly desires that ends the cycle of death and reincarnation and begins a state of permanent bliss is called?


Stonehenge in England is an example of what type of monumental stone architecture?


The stele inscribed with the Law Code of Hammurabi was created by which Mesopotamian culture?

the Babylonians

The Palette of King Narmer is historically important because it?

probably represents the first unification of Upper and Lower Egypt

How was sculpture from the reign of Akhenaten in Egypt different from previous and subsequent sculpture?

It was more naturalistic and informal

Classical Greek sculpture can best be described as?

relaxed poses that sought to depict ideal form

According to Roman tradition, when was Rome founded and by whom?

in 753 B.C.E. by Romulus and Remus

What was the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten famous for?

changing the traditional Egyptian religion and art for the first time

Architecture and art of the Roman Republic was heavily influenced by the building styles of which earlier culture?

the Greeks

The capitol of the Roman Empire moved in the 4th century, splitting the empire in two. What was the name of the new capital?


The earliest known civilization in India, contemporary with the great civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt, is known as the?

Harappan civilization

The Great Stupa at Sanchi, India is a typical Buddhist structure. What purpose does it serve?

It houses some of the ashes of the cremated Buddha and serves as a devotional site.

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