Art Appreciation Chapter 5- Evaluating Art

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what criteria did the Aztecs use to evaluate artistic quality?

whether it resembled art by a neighboring people

which would receive the highest praise in traditional Chinese art critisms?

conveying the spirit of an object

why might some viewers prefer other portraits to self portrait in a straw hat?

it seems to lack an innovative approach to portraiture

dawn marie shy glance has obvious?


what caused the negative response to impressionism by contemporary audience in the nineteenth century?

it was so different from traditional painting

critics using which critical approach might look first at environmental influences on the artist?


which can be described as an "Artist-centered" approach to evaluating a work of art?

expressive art critism

horn players demonstrates which critical approach?


simultaneous contrast would probably address the artistic influence of?


the interpretation that titans pieta demonstrates the artists liberation from the restained stlye of his youth relies on?

formal analysis of the paintings visual characteristics

which seems least important in determining what makes art great?

the monetary value of a work of art

what can we best determine from the record breaking auction price set by edvard munchs the scream?

the economic value of the painting when it was sold

who did the new York academy of art challenge as an inappropriate judge of artistic quality?


why was history of labor in maine eventually removed from its place in the headquarters of mains department of labor?

as the paintings owner, the government could remove it

the iconoclastic controversy of the byzantine empire censored art that?

depicted images of Christ, mary, and other religious figures

what is the significance of miller v California?

it set standards for the censorship of art in the united states

what was the result of the court case in new York mayor Giuliani and chris holy virgin mary?

the exhibition drew record breaking attendance

censorship has recently led to censoring of contemporary art, except?

the environmental effects of an artwork

which culture established the artistic standards held by the Aztecs in mexico?


judgements for censorship are often based on?

cultural values

which step in writing about art should lead to your primary thesis?

your evaluation of the objects significance

explaining the rich symbolism of horn players would involve which process used to write about art?


what contextual information may be relevant to our understanding of simultaneous contrast?

her paintings informed her work in fabric design and fashion

which critical approach informs the author’s statement that shy glance is generally regarded to as bad?

a formalist theory of art critism

which question would contribute most to your evaluation about writing about art?

why is it important

what best demonstrates the subjective nature of western art history

the current popularity of impressionist paintings

what contextual information supports the notion that the vacant niche in the titans pieta may be a symbol of death?

the painting was done during an epidemic of the plaque

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