Art Appreciation Ch 12

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Art can forge racial identity and preserve the history and values of a(n) ____ group.


In Las Meninas, Velazquez places Infanta Margarita at the center of the painting and surrounds her with dwarfs, chaperones, and ladies in waiting to reveal her ____.

frivolity( lightheartedness)

Marc Chagall’s works reflected his heritage, which was ____.


Marc Chagall painted in bright colors, like the ____.


The photographs of James VanDerZee reflect the ____

Black Renaissance of Harlem

Aunt Jemima is considered a ____


Betye Saar’s The Liberation of Aunt Jemima is a ____ piece

mixed media

In The Artifact Piece, Native American artist James Luna challenged the way contemporary American culture and museums have presented his race as essentially____.

extinct and vanished

Shaughnessy’s Interior House Post both physically supports the Raven House and symbolically represents the ____ of the John Scow clan

spiritual and mythical foundation

Painting from a Cult House done by the Tambaran cult of New Guinea ____ the cult teachings through a narrative

does not illustrate

Peter Paul Rubens’ Abduction of the Daughters of Leucippus revealed that the women of that time were expected to be ____


Jacques-Louis David’s The Oath of the Horatii revealed that heroic actions were ____.

a mark of masculinity

Artists such as Jacques-Lois David not only reflected the "reality" of gender roles, they ____ such "reality."


French people saw Rococo architecture as ____


The ancient Greeks viewed Doric architecture as ____


Hung Liu examined the Chinese practice of ____

foot binding (paiting called trauma)

The Guerrilla Girls are a group of artists that ____.

worked towards redefining feminism and forcing the art world to be more inclusive of women; formed in 1987

Ancient Romans believed that their ancestry ____

was extremely important

The Northwest Coastal people believed that the thunderbird represented a ____.

a chief

The painting Abduction of the Daughters of Leucippus by Peter Paul Rubens is an example of ____ as subject matter

sexual erotica

A ____ is a group of people joined by blood or marriage ties.


Artists often illustrate social rank through dress, leisure activities, and ____.


Kabuki theater was enjoyed by the ____ in Japanese society.


The ____ art movement originated in Paris in the early twentieth century and emphasized exaggerated color in paintings for greater expression.


In his paintings, Marc Chagall sometimes used the ____ device of fracturing space to represent instability


The title "____" was a commonly used term of subordination for African American female domestic servants, nannies, and maids


Sepik men performed ____, called "Tambaran," which took place in large, decorated cult houses


Unlike the Western belief that an individual exists at birth, many South Pacific peoples believe that a person’s being is built through a lifetime of ____

ritual experiences

The voluptuous, fleshy women of Peter Paul Ruben’s Abduction of the Daughters of Leucippus represent ____ body types for their time


Eighteenth-century Rococo architecture was seen as ____, with its emphasis on delicacy, curves, and colo


A revival of Greek and Roman aesthetics inspired a style called ____, which emphasized the use of classical elements in art and architecture.


The subject matter of ukiyo-e prints were usually famous kabuki actors, beautiful young women, and ____.


The ____is a collective of anonymous women artists and arts professionals protesting racial and gender discrimination in the art

Guerilla Girls

____ paintings are paintings of ordinary scenes from everyday life.


Because of restrictive laws emphasizing cultural separation, nineteenth-century Russian Jews were unable to pursue careers in the arts and found work primarily in the areas of business and manual labor.


James VanDerZee was a commercial studio photographer whose work was strongly influenced by depictions of female stereotypes in films from the 1950s and 1960s.


In The Kitchen Maid, Van Eyck portrays a humble working-class woman with great dignity.


In Papua New Guinea, Sepik men saw their rituals as creating men from infants, usurping women’s procreative power.


In Western culture, architecture is gendered — different styles are associated with certain qualities that are perceived to be masculine or feminine.


When the Chinese Communist government came to power, women with bound feet were given government posts, reflecting their elevated social status.


In the 1960s and 1970s, high-profile art exhibitions in prestigious American museums frequently included work by women artists.


In ancient Egypt, the human body was sculpted in different ways depending on the class of the person.


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