Art Appreciation Ch. 1.7

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A work that is created in small scale can communicate:


Henry Peach Robinson created his photographic work Fading Away by using a Golden ________ for the format dimensions.


In ancient Egyptian art, the pharaoh was almost always depicted in this way:

As the largest of all the figures

Italian Renaissance painter Raphael’s The School of Athens depicts ________.

A gathering of great scholars

Robert Lostutter creates his work with a particular scale in mind. That scale relates to these animals:


Something done on a monumental scale usually indicates:

epic virtues heroism bravery admiration

This Greek sculptor wrote a treatise on how to create a statue of a human being with perfect proportions.


This use of scale can create an abnormal or supernatural effect, and was used by the Surrealists to do just that.

Distorted scale

We perceive scale in relation to:

Our own size

When a Yoruba sculptor created a human form, he or she made this body part disproportionately large:


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