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True or False?: Intaglio is a printmaking process.


Images were first reproduced by printmaking in this ancient culture.


A relief print created out of a solid wood block is called a _______.

create the block and cut the lines into it

For his print Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Albrecht Durer hired expert craftsmen to __________.


This style of printmaking means "pictures of the floating world" and was practiced by the Japanese artist Kitagawa Utamaro.


If an artist were to create a woodblock print with three different colors, how many separate relief would he or she need?

Emil Nolde

This twentieth century German artist used the natural grain and splintering of the woodblock to make his work Prophet more expressive.


This term for plate printmaking means "cut into" in Italian; any print process where the inked image is lower than the surface of the printing plate.


This printmaking tool is a sharp instrument used to mark the surface of a plate.


This intaglio printing process involves carefully and cleanly scoring a metal plate.

is longer lasting

One advantage of using a metal plate over a woodblock for printmaking is that it is ________.


This intaglio process is achieved by pulling a burin across the surface of a metal plate, leaving a burr where the ink will collect.


This intaglio process employs acid to mar the surface of the metal plate.


This seventeenth century Dutch artist was a master of etching and used it to depict Adam and Eve as well as other religious subjects.


This intaglio process makes an image that resembles the effect created by water-based media, and uses melted rosin to create an acid-resistant coating.


The wash-like appearance of Goya’s print Giant was created using this process.

Francisco Goya

This Spanish artist created artworks in both print and paint that depict horrific events that happened during the French occupation of Spain between 1808 and 1814.


This intaglio process is achieved by roughening the entire metal plate surface with a rocking tool then smoothing the areas where the ink is to be wiped away.

Defense Worker

The African American artist Dox Thrash wanted to use dark, rich tones to reflect the somber mood of the nation during World War II in this mezzotint from c.1941.

Work Projects Administration

This US government program helped to create jobs for artists (and many other occupations) during the Great Depression and World War II. It allowed African American artist Dox Thrash and other artists to use their art in support of the country. What was this extensive program called?


This printmaking process means "stone writing" in Greek.

Honore Daumier

In one of his lithographic images, this French artist depicted the aftermath of a violent incidence of police brutality where a family was killed in a case of mistaken identity.


Silkscreen printing uses a stencil process, and was first developed in _______ during the Sung Dynasty.

an edition

A group of prints that are identical and produced in a limited number is called ______.


This process can be used to create a unique printed image, and involves a clean plate of metal or glass on which the artist carefully inks the image then prints.


a print process where the inked image is higher than the non-printing areas


a print process (lithography and silkscreen printing) where the inked image area and non-inked areas are at the same height


an individual print, or pull, from a printing press


a relief print process where the image is carved into a block of wood


an artistic style, at its height in 1920s Europe, which aimed to portray the world in terms of vivid extremes of personal experience and feeling

Directional line

implied line within a composition, leading the viewer’s eyes from one element to another

Implied texture

a visual illusion expressing texture


an artwork the form of which is simplified, distorted, or exaggerated in appearance;it may represent a recognizable form that has been slightly altered, or it may be a completely non-representational depiction

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